Digital Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Digital Gifts for your Loved Ones this Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when we want to give our loved ones and family some lovely presents. It is time to take a break from your Christmas shopping because we may have the answer for all your needs. Even if you forgot to buy presents, you can always surprise your family and […]

Digital Estate Plan: When Should You Update It And Why?

keep your estate planning up to date

Having a plan for your assets is an essential part of being prepared for anything that happens in your life, and it’s necessary for those of us who are older.Now if you are wondering about what is an estate plan and what is the purpose of an estate plan, an estate plan online is the […]

Protect your Digital Life through Digital Estate Planning

Protect your Digital Life via Digital Estate Planning

You might have a long list of followers on Twitter or Instagram or you might own cryptocurrencies. But if you do almost anything online, you probably own a couple of Digital Assets. Failing to make arrangements for these Digital Properties when alive can cause unnecessary trouble and costs to your next-of-kin. You should know How […]

How To Become The Executor Of An Estate?

How To Become The Executor Of Estate

If you are creating an estate plan, it may be an opportunity to write a will and name someone in it you trust to serve as executor of your estate. Estate planning is an essential step in advance health care directives, beneficiary designations, and other estate planning documents. Executorship is a legal term describing who […]

How To Choose The Perfect Digital Executor?

How To Choose The Perfect Digital Executor?

When it comes to our digital lives, most of us don’t think about what will happen to our online accounts after our demise. But what happens to our digital estate is just as important as what happens to our physical belongings. What is a digital executor? Choosing an executor is one of your most crucial […]

The Problems With Do-It-Yourself Online Wills

why you should avoid drafting a will yourself

The era of the internet makes everything much more straightforward. We have everything at our convenience with the ease of a button. But does the internet surpass the expertise of a professional when it comes to the question of drafting a will? If you are wondering how to make a will online or are unsure […]

10 Top NFT Marketplaces In 2022

Sell NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are unique tokens (that represent valuable assets) and aren’t divisible in the same way as Cryptocurrencies. CryptoKitties and CryptoCelebrities were the first examples of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Whilst there were several marketplaces for NFTs on the Ethereum Network based on the ERC721 standard, the CryptoKitties craze caused many people to try and get […]

NFTs: Everything You Need To Know!

NFT- Everything you need to know

What is an NFT?  NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) also called Digital Collectibles are a new concept in the sphere of Digital Assets. Many people have become familiar with the concept of Cryptocurrencies by now. If you have been following the Cryptocurrency hype, you are probably familiar with their important role in the Blockchain revolution.  Although there […]

5 Steps To Make And Sell NFTs On OpenSea

Make NFTs On OpenSea

Launched in December 2017, OpenSea is an NFT market where buyers and sellers can exchange goods directly(peer-to-peer). OpenSea is the first open marketplace for any NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. With the largest range of categories and compatibility for multiple blockchain technologies, OpenSea is the largest general marketplace for user-owned digital objects.  If you are […]

Stocks to Buy In 2022: 5 Cryptocurrency Stocks

Cryptocurrency Stocks

Cryptocurrency stocks are certainly a booming trend of today. With the entire Crypto market hitting a record of 3 trillion dollars at its peak, everyone is scrambling to see what will explode next!  Purchasing stock in a company having a financial stake in the future of Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology is a simple method to […]