Clocr & Senior Wellness Solutions Strategic Partnership


Senior Wellness Solutions, LLC (SWS) is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Clocr, Inc., an industry-leading all-in-one “Estate Planning & Disbursement Platform” for online accounts & digital assets.

“Clocr has developed an easy to use, RUFADAA compliant online tool to create an estate plan for your digital assets, a personal, digital safety deposit box with state of the art encryption and security, and a place where you can keep track of your beneficiaries and also list those friends or loved ones who have entrusted you as their beneficiary.  SWS is excited to be one of the selected partners to work with our customers involved in senior care to provide a tool that helps both provide employee benefit programs as well as a service to families that are seeking quality senior living for their loved one,” said Jeff Robinson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Senior Wellness Solutions, LLC.

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