Clocr Features in Meet The Drapers on February 27!

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In 2015, Apoorva Chintala lost her grandfather. Suddenly her father, Sree Chintala, was thrust into the unfamiliar and painful role of an executor for his father’s legacy. In the midst of this crisis, her grief gave way to an inspiration that has landed Clocr as a finalist on Meet the Drapers, a venture capitalist showcase!

My response of ‘I just don’t know’ gave way to ‘I’m going to invent a system to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else’

– Apoorva Chintala, CEO and Co-founder of Clocr

One of the lessons that we’re still learning from COVID is that we live in a world connected by our devices and our digital assets. How many people this past year could have been better protected during their most vulnerable time with a tool like Clocr!

 Even you can join us in this mission by investing in Clocr, along with the Draper family, on

With an intuitive user interface and a patent-pending security platform, Clocr offers an all-in-one digital legacy planning and disbursement platform designed for all your digital assets and accounts. Customizable onboarding makes it easy to track more than 150 most-used online accounts and even assign beneficiaries! 📁

The primary aim of Clocr is to ease a family’s burden at their greatest time of need; when they are facing the greatest uncertainty of life: it’s ending. We firmly believe that technology empowers society to creatively and effectively solve age old problems. And this is why Clocr exists – to eliminate the stress and confusion after the loss of a loved one. 👪


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