What Is A Zoomer: All You Need To Know

A group of Zoomer or Gen z generation

Every time a new generation comes into its prime, we have various new names to call them by. In just a few years, the “youth” of the world has changed from being the Millennials to Gen-Z. Thanks to the internet and the news, we have heard a lot about Millenials. From their obsession with avocado toasts to their harry potter houses. But the millennials are not the world’s youth anymore, who set the trends and decide the tone of the conversation. The oldest millennial is in their 40s, and the youngest is in their late 20s.

Who is a Zoomer (or Gen-Z)

The new generation at the forefront is the gen-z, generation Z, or zoomers. Born between 1996-2012, this generation ranges from people in their early 20s to those in their early teens. The oldest zoomer is about 24, and the youngest is not even above ten.

Why the term Zoomer?

The term zoomer is a play on the word “boomers.”  Boomers or Baby Boomers are the older generation born between 1946-1964, a post-war era of financial stability and vibrancy. The portmanteau of the words Gen Z and Bommer is used humorously or mockingly, as we all know how vastly different the two generations are. However, the generations above us use the term zoomer more mockingly. Trying to imply that the GenZ or the zoomer kids are as entitled as the boomer(who unfortunately do have the reputation)

How to Differentiate between a Millennial and a Zoomer?

Why are these “generations” even a thing? How can a few years change the perspective of two age groups? There is a behavior and attitude change between any two generations due to significant world events. For example, the silent generation(1928-1945) and the boomers (1946-64) have different attitudes towards life, primarily due to one event that took place, WW2. 

Now you might be inclined to call any young person a millennial. But are they?. Here are some of the key differences between millennials and zoomers.

9/11 attack

One event that helps you recognize GenZ or zoomer kids from the millennial generation is the occurrence of one major event. Most of the zoomer kids were either not born or were mere infants who do not remember the tragic Twin Tower Attack on September 11, 2001. (Unlike the millennials who were already students in school and can recall it quite distinctly.)


Another thing that changed the world’s perception of millennials and zoomers is technology. Technology is a crucial part of our life today, and we cannot live without our smartphones and laptops. Well, it wasn’t always like that; there was an era of dial-up internet and waiting fifteen minutes just for the computers to turn on. Millennials were born when technology like phones, computers, and gaming sets was just becoming accessible to the public. They were finding out about technology along with everyone else.

In comparison, the GenZ or zoomer kids were born when technology peaked. Companies like Apple and Microsoft were already established and spread worldwide. That is why the Zoomer children are often known as Ipad kids, as some children were given an IPad instead of a toy to distract themselves

Social Media

Like technology, many social media that we use today were released not too long ago. Most social media sites were released during the early 2000s; the Millenials had witnessed the birth of social media. They had seen Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all others come to life. On the other hand, Zoomers cannot perceive what a day without social media looks like. To most of them, social media always had been there. 

Optimistic versus Realistic Approach

Gen Z or zoomers are being raised generation X who ate known as skeptical of all the generations. That’s why Gen Z has a very realistic approach to life. In contrast, millennials were raised by baby boomers, who had an optimistic outlook on life but also hadn’t prepared the millennials for the harsh realities. 

Market Crash Of 2008

Speaking of the optimistic and realistic view, this event was why a lot of millennials were met with challenges they had never prepared for. The millennial generation was just graduating into one o the worst market crashes. With their futures looking bleak, millennials had no time to adapt thoroughly. On the other hand, the zoomers had either been born after or had always seen a dismal market situation from their childhoods; therefore, they had developed an entrepreneurial approach to counter the situation.

Private vs. Public

There was a time when millennials were new to social media and posted every passing second of their lives there. Zoomers are much more calculated when it comes to social media. Even if social media is their turf, they understand the value of privacy and what their data means. That is why GenZ gravitated towards Snapchat, which has time-bound content. Zoomers understood what “too much public attention” can do by observing the generation above them.   

You can find a Zoomer in their natural habitat; on social media sites. Twitter, TikTok is where they love to reside. With their love for the digital age, they need to protect their digital legacy. No one is too young to start safeguarding their online data. And For GenZ’s realistic approach, all the solutions offered by Clocr is the right choice.