4 Reasons Why You Should Create a Digital Legacy Plan

starting to create a digital legacy plan

In a time when it’s possible to interact with friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other internet-based social networks, it still comes as a surprise that most of us forget to prepare our loved ones on what to do with our Digital Assets after we are gone. A Digital Legacy is an easy way to make sure your family knows the steps for opening and closing your online bank accounts, emails, social media platforms, etc.

If you don’t have a Digital Legacy Plan your photos, memories, emails, and other Digital Assets such as cryptocurrency could be forever lost. Your Digital Assets have monetary as well as emotional value.

Thus, planning your Digital Legacy will ensure your cryptocurrency, digital payment accounts, photos, videos, and recorded audio clips are protected even after your death. But, most importantly it ensures your family members know what to do with your Digital Assets after your demise. This helps your family members and protects them from situations where they are forced to make decisions on your behalf.

There are several reasons why you need a Digital Legacy Plan. And, here are a few of them  that might convince you:

4 Critical Reasons To Create a Digital Legacy Plan

  1. Your online accounts and data become vulnerable to data leaks and identity thefts after your death. There are plenty of unscrupulous identity thieves present online who will start scanning your online accounts once they learn about your death.

     However, having a Digital Legacy plan ensures your online accounts and data are protected from these cybercrimes, as it allows you to leave instructions regarding how your Digital Assets should be handled after your demise i.e. you can choose to close your account, or you can provide your Digital Executor the authority to manage, access, or delete your profile.

  2. Photos, videos, cryptocurrencies, blogs, web domain names, documents stored in the cloud, or other Digital Assets may have both financial as well as emotional value And, they may be lost forever unless you have a proper plan for them such as a Digital Legacy Plan.

     Having a plan for your online assets is as essential as having a plan for your tangible assets. It not only safeguards your online data but if you want, you can provide their access to your loved ones and prevent them a great deal of stress even after your demise.

  3. If you think that you own everything you stored online then you may be wrong. Account credits and cryptocurrency are typically transferable to your family. However, movies or music libraries, and email accounts aren’t typically transferable.

    But, you can always create plans for your online data, for which you and your estate planning attorney should go through user agreements and protect your rights concerning your online accounts.
  4. In today’s economy, a lot of people operate businesses online. And their successors’ access to customers and funds in such cases (PayPal or similar providers) may be delayed or denied without proper planning.

    However, through Digital Legacy Planning you can ensure your Digital Assets be it of financial value or emotional value should be managed or passed on to your loved ones.

Digital Legacy Planning is a step in the right direction towards securing your Digital Assets after your demise, as well as from identity theft. Digital Legacy is a simple, reliable, and systematic solution that everyone should be looking into to ensure they have done all they can to avoid identity theft and protect their family even after their death.

Now that you know the importance of having a Digital Legacy Plan start planning it with Clocr today!