Why Are Emergency Medical Cards Becoming So Important?

Carry an emergency medical card in your wallets or purse

According to a famous saying, “health is like money; we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” With the uncertainty surrounding us these days, a medical condition can arise at any time. And medical help received on time is no less than a boon. 

Emergency medical cards are becoming increasingly important because of the rise in emergency medical conditions and the fact that many individuals do not have a primary care physician. It can be problematic if they are injured or sick, as they will likely need a medical professional to refer them to an appropriate facility or specialist.

For this reason, people often need to carry an emergency medical identification card in their wallets or purse. The card should include important information about the individual’s health history and medications so medical professionals can treat them appropriately during an emergency.

What Is An Emergency Medical Card?

An emergency medical identification card contains information about your health and regularly taking medications, including essential contact numbers like family members and friends. It helps the first responders to determine any allergies or underlying medical conditions you have.

As a senior citizen, it is essential to have an emergency medical card. It is helpful in case of an accident or injury. If you do not have one, it could be a problem if you need assistance from emergency services.

Importance Of Emergency Medical Cards

It is essential to be aware of your medical condition in an emergency. And it becomes all the more critical when the crisis is life-threatening, and you cannot speak for yourself. An Emergency Medical Card can help you get the treatment you need without delay.

All you have to do is give your Emergency Medical Card to a healthcare provider, who will know about your medical conditions, if you are on any medications, what type of surgical procedures you have had, and more. You can even put your doctor’s contact information on the card, so your healthcare provider knows who to call for permission before starting any treatment in an emergency.

It’s essential to carry around an Emergency Medical Identification Card because it will help medical professionals provide better care for you if you need their services. It makes sure that no one accidentally administers medication that could make things worse for you or doesn’t treat you because they don’t know anything about your medical history or current condition.

What Information Goes On Your Emergency Medical Card?

Unfortunate events occur from time to time. A Clocr Emergency Medical Identification Card can assist you, first responders, and loved ones in locating vital information to ensure you receive the care you require. 

You may not have thought about it before, but a lot of important information goes on your emergency medical card. It is the first place doctors, and paramedics will look for basic information about you and your health in an emergency.

A Clocr emergency medical card contains the following information:

  1. Who is your emergency contact person, and how can first responders contact them?
  2. Contact information for other individuals to call if your initial emergency contact person does not answer the phone
  3. Any medications you’re taking, as some medicines interact with one other or cause unpleasant responses when taken together.
  4. First responders should be aware of any medical issues to properly care for you (For instance, if you have diabetes or are sensitive to specific medications.)
  5. Your blood type (Note: If you’ve ever had blood drawn or donated, the doctor’s office or the Red Cross can tell you what type you are.)
  6. Name and contact information for your doctor (hospital staff may need to call you) to acquire precise information about your medical history from your doctor)
  7. Your religious beliefs (if you want your caretakers to be aware of them)
  8. Your wishes for organ donation (this can be useful in assisting first responders)
  9. Do you have any other documentation in place? (Such as a Health Care Proxy, a Power of Attorney, or a Living Will)
  10. Information about your insurance company and your member or policy number. 

How Does An Emergency Medical Card Work?

Importance Of Emergency Medical Cards

Generally, an emergency medical card is a small, pocket-sized card containing all the information needed to help you receive immediate medical care. The card is filled out by a medical professional and can collect information such as allergies, blood type, and emergency contact numbers. An emergency medical card should always be carried in your wallet or purse so that hospitals and doctors can quickly access the information they need to treat you properly if you ever need emergency care.

The emergency medical card provided by the Clocr can be very useful in case of emergency. It can be safely kept and accessed during an emergency. Hence, the best way to get an emergency medical card is to get it via Clocr.

What To Include On Emergency Contact Card

Emergency contact cards are a great way to ensure your loved ones have the information they need to contact you in an emergency. They’re also a great way to ensure that your family, friends, and other important people in your life have the information they need so they can take care of themselves if something happens to you.

When creating an emergency contact card, it’s essential to include as much detailed information as possible. The more details you provide about yourself, your habits, and your lifestyle choices, the better-equipped others will be when it comes time for them to locate you or decide what to do after an accident or illness.

Emergency contact cards are a great way to ensure that your loved ones know how to contact you in an emergency. Here are a few tips on what to include on your emergency contact card:

  • Name and number of a person to whom got in case of emergency
  • Address (in case of a home fire or other emergency)
  • Relationship to you (if you have young children, for example)
  • Medical information (if you have an allergy or chronic illness)

How To Get An Emergency Medical Card From Clocr?

 Getting an emergency medical card from Clocr is simple. You’ll need to:

  • Go to the Clocr website and click “Menu Bar.”
  • Click on ‘Get Emergency Card,’ and Fill out your details, including your address, email, and phone number.
  • Enter a username and password that you’ll use to log into the app in the future
  • Create a profile with your photo and name so that doctors can identify you when they see you in person, and you can follow the further steps as guided. 

You can also fill out a query form on the Clocr website, and the team will reach out to you as soon as possible. 


It’s all about getting the appropriate medical care as soon as possible. Even though you are in a foreign land, you should still have access to your essential medical information, medications, and allergies to get the treatment you need. Clocr emergency ecards with this critical information empower you to get a diagnosis, prescriptions, and therapy faster than if you did not have one. It’s all about providing information about your health plan and giving you 24-hour access to your health records wherever you go.