What Is A Repast After a Funeral? Tradition & Etiquette

Repast After a Funeral

When friends and family gather at one place post the funeral services, it is called repasts, commonly known as a reception in modern times. This gathering often takes place, though it is not required. This event is organized after the funeral services, where people gather to remember the deceased person. 

People gather and eat together in the loving memory of the deceased person in a repast. This gathering is often conducted for the people who could not attend the funeral services due to any reason. The repasts are mainly undertaken after a few days of the death, but they can also occur immediately after the funeral services. 

Places for This Gathering

A funeral repast offers an opportunity to those people who missed out on the actual funeral services to show their condolences. This gives a chance to interact on an in-personal level to share the grief. This tradition is followed to recognize the deceased person’s life while giving a platform to people to share their sorrow and appreciate the comfort of each other. 

  • Family House: Repasts often take place at the deceased’s home or the house of an immediate family member. In this type of function, the close relative or any close family member usually makes arrangements for the event. Guests often bring food or beverages to share in potluck style. 
  • Banquet Hall of a Church: Funeral services are often held at an on-site banquet hall. In this, a close family member or relative pays for every arrangement made. Usually, churches members volunteer to prepare food, set up, serve, and clean up once the event is over. These events are generally open to everyone, and anyone can attend this event.
  • Repast at a Restaurant: Sometimes, this event is generally conducted for close and immediate family members in an intimate ceremony. A near relative may take up the cost of arrangements, though it is unnecessary. However, each attending person can contribute their bit to this event. 

However, this arrangement can be made at any comfortable place. Any place which can accommodate your guests comfortably is the most suitable for you. There are some places near your house that are usually sufficient for the arrangements to be made, and also it comes in your range of budget. 

Sometimes, people often arrange this gathering at a place which the deceased person liked. This is done to remember the dead person so that the person can rest in paradise peacefully. 

How are Repasts Announced?

The repasts do not always happen. Mourners should not assume that the repast will be conducted after the funeral services. If there are plans for repasts, they will be announced from the podium at the time of funeral services only so that the funeral visitors can go to repasts immediately after the services are over. 

Sometimes no such announcements are made, which means that there are no repasts or an intimate gathering with close family members and relatives. If the repasts are planned after some days of the demise, it must be conveyed to all the loved ones who want to show their last respect to the deceased but couldn’t attend the funeral. 

Consideration for Post Funeral Etiquettes

 This process of gathering is not mandatory at all, but it is held after the funeral services. Some people follow this custom, and some do not. However, it is essential to receive the wishes from the close people of the deceased person. Some families want to mourn in private, while some mourn with other people. It is suggested to write a condolence letter to the family of the person who has died after some days of the demise. 

Tradition recognizes Repasts though it is not essential. It can be done, or it can be avoided, up to the family members of the deceased.