17 Great Songs About Not Giving Up And Staying Strong

Songs About Not Giving Up

Why do we listen to music? It may be because music has the power to help us unwind. Music can help us feel better by helping us release stress and anger. A good survival song can help us through tough times.

With everything going on in your life, it can seem like all hope is lost, that there’s nothing you can do, and you’re stuck where you are. But music comes to the rescue during bad times.

It could be down to the lyrics or just how the song is written. Songs about not giving up and staying strong are perfect for getting you through. There are plenty of songs out there about fighting and beating the odds. This blog lists 17 great songs about determination and not giving up.

What is a good survival song?

A good survival song is uplifting and motivational and makes you feel like you can conquer anything. You can sing along to these songs when needing some inspiration. 

  1. Keep Your Head Up“- Andy Grammer

    If your “Bad Day” needed a follow-up song, this song would be the pick. It is a perfect song for when things are tough and you need the motivation to keep going.
  2. Survivor“- Destiny’s Child

    This song is an anthem for anyone going through a difficult time. With its powerful lyrics and uplifting message, this song makes a great inspirational song about overcoming adversity and triumphing in the face of challenges.

What is a song about being strong?

Songs about staying strong have a positive and uplifting message, featuring hope, resilience, and determination themes. These songs about being strong celebrate the human spirit and its ability to overcome obstacles.

  1. Stronger” – Kelly Clarkson

    Youngsters consider this song as their break-up anthem. It is a pop song about getting through heartbreak and becoming a stronger person as a result. The lyrics are empowering and have the ability to move people both emotionally and physically.

  1. Christina Aguilera’sFighter

    The song’s theme is about staying strong despite a situation’s difficulty. Even though battles are dragged on for quite some time, this song reminds us that we are warriors.

  1. We Are The Champions“- Queen

    It is a timeless hit regularly played at parades and other celebratory events commemorating victories all around the world. It is one of the best songs to listen to when you want to feel strong.

Songs about not giving up on a dream

No matter what obstacles are in the way, music has the power to remind us that if we believe in ourselves and stay focused, we can achieve our dreams. Some of the ideal songs about never giving up on a dream include:

  1. Never Give Up“- Sia.

    Listen to this song if you’re ever feeling down or can’t achieve your dreams. It will remind you that anything is possible and that you should never give up on your dreams.

  1. The Climb“- Miley Cyrus

    This song is about overcoming adversity and never giving up on what you want. The lyrics of this song remind us that we can achieve anything.

Christian songs about not giving up

It is easy to give up when things are tough, but it is essential to remember that God is always with us. These Christian songs about determination remind you that you can overcome anything with God’s help.

  1. Count Every Blessing“- Rend Collective

    It’s easy to lose sight of our blessings in times of crisis and in our daily lives. This theme is one of the factors contributing to the song’s popularity.

  1. Hold On” by TobyMac.

    This song encourages listeners to keep going even when things are tough. The song offers hope and inspiration and reminds us that we should never give up on our faith.

Perfect songs about not giving up on each other

Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even just a general sense of determination, you need the determination to keep trying not to give up on the other person. Some popular songs about not giving up on each other include:

  1. You are the Reason“- Calum Scott

    Despite ups and downs, the song encourages listeners to stay together because love will win. The quality of our connections affects our ability to continue and fight for our goals.

  1. I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz

    This folk ballad is acoustic, and the melody is soothing to the ears. In this song, Mraz promises never to give up on his partner.

Songs about being strong woman

A woman needs strength to overcome daily adversities and become a powerful force. These songs about being a strong woman can be inspiring and motivating and also be fun and upbeat. 

  1. Run the World“- Beyonce.

    Even though it seems obvious, starting there is sometimes the best course of action. Beyonce’s upbeat song serves as a rallying call and a crowd delight.

  1. Independent Women“- Destiny’s Child

    This song celebrates the strong, confident, and powerful woman. There are many songs about being a strong woman. Whatever your mood, this sure is a song you can enjoy.

  1. Girl on Fire” – Alicia Keys

    If you need a boost of confidence, all you need is one song by Alicia Keys. Women can succeed despite, or perhaps because of, the obstacles they face.

Songs about being strong Men

Women and men also need strength to survive in this world. These songs for never giving up remind men that they are strong and can overcome anything if they believe in themselves.

  1. The Man“- The Killers

    With its powerful lyrics, this song aims at men who could use a little boost of confidence. “The Man” is a lively, upbeat tune that everybody, from grandpa to grandchild, may enjoy.

  1. One Man can change the World“- Big Sean.

    The title sums it up nicely, yet the impact stands out. This song reminds men that they are strong enough to change the world by overcoming their issues and helping others.

What is the most uplifting song of all time?

As we approach the end of the list, we have “Saved the best for last.” Here is our pick for the all-time most uplifting music that should be on everyone’s playlist:

  1. Here comes the sun“- The Beatles

    George Harrison’s song is about hope and perfectly captures the spirit of the first days of spring. Just hearing it makes you want to get up and dance.


There’s no denying that music has the power to uplift the soul. In these 17 songs above, there are plenty of stories and inspiration for anyone who needs to be reminded that there isn’t much point in giving up on anything in life if you want to achieve it.

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