17 Wonderful Songs About Growing Up And Getting Older

songs about sons growing up too fast

It’s hard to believe that the Beatles’ “Yesterday” was released 50 years ago. It’s even harder to believe that most of us are older than Paul McCartney was when he wrote it. It’s one of the most popular songs about getting older and being nostalgic for youth.

Growing up is a universal experience that could be met with skepticism by many. Instead of lamenting about the things you can’t alter, why instead listen to a playlist of modern and country songs about growing up and getting older?

We all go through different phases in life, and there are songs for each one. The songs about growing up and getting older are no exception. There are songs for grown ups, babies, teenagers, and friends.

Here are 17 songs about growing up that represent various musical styles and genres. Indeed, one of these will strike a chord with you.

What is a good song about growing up?

Finding the right words to describe how it feels growing up or the right melody to express it with can be challenging. Luckily, some songs out there do an excellent job of capturing that feeling.

  1. “Class of 2013”Mitski

    Do you ever long to spend even a single day at home with your parents, free from responsibilities? Or do you want to halt your adult life for a bit briefly? “Class of 2013” is one of the more sentimental songs about growing up because of this.

  1. “The Coat of Many Colors”Dolly Parton

    Dolly Parton’s childhood is recalled in this country classic, right down to the rags her mother would use to make a coat for her. The classic ballad blends a message with a poor upbringing, earning it a place among the most well-known country songs about growing up.

    There’s a message about the accomplishment of becoming an adult, even though the protagonist grows up poor. The song’s growing up lyrics include: “Back to the seasons of my youth, I recall a box of rags that someone gave us.”

  1. “Ghost”Kid Cudi

    “Ghost” is one of the most relatable and modern songs about growing up in the genre of R&B. Childhood depression dulls one’s perception of life in general. No matter what you recall, you feel like you either don’t exist or can’t.

Songs about kids growing up

It’s an emotional experience watching kids grow up. These touching songs about children growing up celebrate and reflect the glory and anguish of being a parent.

  1. “Gracie”Ben Folds

    There are many songs about babies growing up, but none are as well-known as this one. “Gracie” is about a parent singing his baby daughter a happy melody. The father shows her how much he cares about their relationship and guarantees that he will watch out for her no matter what.

  1. “Then they do”Trace Adkins

    Adkins gave us one of the most cheerful country ballads about kids and families, “Then They Do”, which tells the story of a parent watching his children grow up. It’s one of the relatable songs about kids growing up, where the naughty kids eventually mature into responsible adults.

Songs about sons growing up too fast

If you feel like only yesterday your son was taking his first steps and saying his first words and is now off to school, you are not alone. These songs about growing up too fast can help you deal with the bittersweet feeling.

  1. “My Son”Mark Schultz

    This tribute is one of the most beautiful songs about sons growing up too fast. It’s full of love and pride and a great reminder of how important children are to us.

  1. “The Times They Are A-Changin”Bob Dylan

    This classic song is about how quickly times are changing. Dylan’s melody is one of the songs about boys growing up fast to keep up with the world around them.

Songs about daughters growing up

The journey of a daughter as she grows from a child into an adult includes:

  • The joys and challenges of this process.
  • The love and support of family and friends.
  • The advice and wisdom of the deceased loved ones.

Whatever the focus, these songs about daughters growing up will surely touch the hearts of anyone who has experienced this particular time in life.

  1. “My Girl”The Temptations

    This classic Motown song is the perfect ode to a daughter growing up. With its iconic opening line of “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day,” it’s impossible not to feel happy when listening to this tune.

    The lyrics talk about how a daughter brings light into her father’s life and always will, no matter how old she gets. It’s a touching reminder that our children are always our little girls, even when they’re grown up and out of the house.

  1. “Ready Set Don’t Go”Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

    The song focuses on the impact of parents on their children’s lives and developing years. A dad wonders how much of an impact he has made on his daughter’s development thus far. Because of his worries about what might happen if he sends his daughter out into the world, he is hesitant to do so.

Songs about growing up with friends

Growing up with friends is a fantastic experience that you will never forget. Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. Friends, while growing up, become the ones we want to be around when we celebrate our successes and mourn our losses.

These beautiful songs about growing up with friends will touch your heart.

  1. “The Borders”Sam Fenders

    Fender recounts a story that is at least partially autobiographical about his childhood friendship with another boy. Fender’s friend had a strict upbringing and turned into a furious bully, as we learn in verse 1. Fender admits in verse 2 that he, too, had anxiety and that his friend’s godmother helped him relax. The friendship between Fender and his friend ended once he moved back to his father’s home in the northeastern area of England.

  1. “BROS”Wolf Alice

    “BROS” is a beautiful song about the strength of friendship, and the music video captures the sentiment. Ellie Rowsell’s childhood neighborhoods of Finsbury Park and Holloway served as the settings for the music video for her song.

    Two young women are laughing and playing in a nearby park and cafe. It celebrates the magic and sweetness of childhood friendships.

Songs about a teenage girl growing up

Growing up and entering adolescence is a pivotal time in a child’s life. It is an emotional rollercoaster since it can be fantastic at moments and difficult at other times.

The growing-up process is a common musical theme, full of biting wit and profound insights. The following songs about teenage girl growing up can aid adolescents in the often complicated process of transition.

  1. “Eye of the Tiger”Survivor

    Teenage girls, like all people, look forward to the day when they can do whatever they want. Whether you’re looking for a specific career path, eager to take on the world in any way you see fit, or want to be your person, the song “Eye of the Tiger” will resonate.

    So, if teenagers are looking for inspiration and want to know, What is the most uplifting song of all time? Then this song is the answer.

  1. “Fifteen”– Taylor Swift

    In the song’s opening verse, Taylor Swift recalls her first day of high school. Like any other adolescent, Taylor Swift wants to find love. High school students “live” consisted primarily of their social circle, romantic relationships, and the annual prom.

    The song’s choruses all conclude differently to stress that life isn’t what she expected it to be when she was 15. She realizes there is more to life than mending broken hearts, making new friends, and dating the popular kid in school.

What song talks about growing old together?

The essence of growing old with someone is sharing your golden years. A song about growing old t ogether brings all the positive and negative shifts in your lives right before your eyes and hearts. Here’s a playlist of songs that celebrate growing old with your loved one. 

  1. “Grow Old With Me”Tom Odell

    Tom explains that he and his lover may grow old together someday, but their love will keep him feeling youthful forever, and the music gets more vibrant and passionate as he says this.

  1. “Growing Old With You”Relentless Road

    As the song begins, a sense of abundant and overwhelming love washes over the listener. The singer’s life flashes before his eyes when he’s with his true love, and he knows he’ll spend the rest of his days with her. 

What songs remind you of your childhood?

Even though aging is inevitable and people are going on with their lives, everyone’s childhood is invaluable. If you’re in the spirit to reflect on your childhood, here are some of the best songs.

  1. “Summer of 69”Bryan Adams

    Don’t you look back fondly on the summers of your childhood? The song portrays not only Bryan Adams’s sadness over the fact that all good things must end but also his recollections of being a restless child.

  1. “When You Were Young”The Killers

    If you’re feeling gloomy about living your adult life and want an escape by listening to songs about being a kid again, this song can strike your chord. When recalling childhood, people frequently think about their home first. The song shows how this affects memories. It determines our childhood ideas and adult identities. 


Musicians usually find the words to describe the process of growing up. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid the inevitable process, but these 17 songs about getting old capture the experience ideally.

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