Is Social Media Will Necessary For You?

Is Social Media Will Necessary For You?

We make so many social media accounts and online profiles throughout our life. It is an essential part of our lives, but what happens to it after our demise? Do they stay there just like that? Are they secure? Can my family access it? Well! If these questions are bothering you then you are at the right place.

Social Media Accounts can serve as reminders of some of our most cherished memories. All we have to do is create a Social Media Will before it is too late. 

Here are some cases where a Social Media Will proves to be necessary

Case 1: Social Media Accounts With Monetary Value

Initially, social media platforms were just a place to have fun. Posting pictures from our life did not have a purpose. However, now with emerging talents and content creators, social media is monetized and everything on social media platforms has an intention behind it. 

Several creators and influencers use these platforms to market products and grow their audience. Some folks want to make more fans, while others want to find a job. If you are among these people who use social media with a specific purpose, having a social media will is crucial for you. 

Having a business on a social media platform can be an excellent entrepreneurship idea. Social media platforms are also the best places for marketing a pre-existing business. 

With the emerging scope of social media people in their teens have also started taking advantage of their social media profiles to reach their audience and grow businesses. The world has more entrepreneurs now than ever. It is all thanks to social media platforms. 

But, what happens to an online business when the owner passes away? It can get tricky to make business decisions without the guidance of the owner. If you are an influencer, content creator, or business owner, it’s necessary that you create a Social Media Will. You can include clear instructions regarding your social media accounts and what happens to them after your demise. With a properly drafted social media will, you can ensure to keep the business safe even after you pass away. 

Case 2: Connect with your loved ones via social media.

Some people prefer to use social media to stay connected with their loved ones. Over time, these platforms turn into a virtual memory album for them. Therefore the importance of social media platforms becomes apparent when someone dies. Everyone has seen how social media helped the world stay connected during lockdowns. It has become an integral part of our social life. 

Many of us make connections primarily through social media. In such cases, it is necessary to have a social media will. Many people use social media to update their family members about their life. Thus, it is common to see memorial accounts made for family members. Unfortunately, most netizens miss the opportunity to consent to turn their social media accounts into memorial pages. That is why having a social media will is crucial today. A social media will have all the instructions about the future of your social media accounts. 

You can also choose to delete your social media accounts in the will. It gives you the freedom to govern your profiles even after your demise. The lack of this privilege has caused several people and their businesses to leave a void after their passing. Many states have laws for creating a social media will. 

With Clocrs Social Media Wil, you can decide what happens to your accounts on social media platforms. You can even keep your story, expressions, feelings, and interests alive if you choose to memorialize the accounts because these are the greatest legacy that you will leave to your loved ones.