How To Easily Deactivate The Tinder Account After Death Of Account Holder?

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It is uncommon not to receive notifications from some applications uninstalled a long time ago. Users sign up for an application and do not delete their account when they do not need it anymore. Several inactive Tinder accounts can be found floating about on Tinder. With this article, you will discover everything about how you can easily deactivate the Tinder account of a deceased loved one.

Why is it necessary to deactivate the Tinder account?

It is crucial to deactivate the tinder account when you do not need it to avoid misleading people on the application. When people look at a tinder profile, they assume that the user is active. Several people would not want strangers to find them on a dating application when they have finished using it. When you fail to deactivate an inactive account, it only expands your digital footprint without a valid reason. It is why you should deactivate the Tinder account of a deceased person immediately. 

  • Navigate to the Tinder Customer Support page
  • Click on – Trouble with account log-in.
  • Click on – I can not delete my account.
  • While filling in the required details, ensure to specify that you are deleting the account of a deceased person
  • Submit the request

Tinder automatically deletes the count of inactive users after a while to keep their applications safe and updated. Doing this prevents active users from swiping on people who no longer use the application. When you submit a request to Tinder, they will ensure that the account gets deleted on time. If Tinder does not respond to your request, assume that they have deleted the account or will do so shortly. 

How to Easily Deactivate the Tinder Account Using a Password?

Deactivating a Tinder account is easy and quick when you have the password. Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Tinder Account Portal
  • Sign in to the account
  • Navigate to the Account Settings option
  • Click on the – Delete Account option
  • Confirm the action 

It is always better to know the password of a Tinder account if you want to delete it. You will know when the application has deactivated the profile. All dating applications have options of deactivating the account of a deceased person.

You should delete an account before uninstalling the application when someone does not want the service anymore. Tinder does not allow inactive accounts on their portal for a long time. An application can take a few days for the deactivation process to finish.

Dating accounts are a crucial digital property.

Accounts on Tinder and similar applications are a part of a person’s digital legacy. It is crucial for managing digital property when a person passes away. People often elect digital executors to take care of their digital property after their demise. It can get tricky to manage the digital legacy if a person has signed up for various services and never deleted an account. For example, some people have multiple inactive accounts on Facebook and Instagram but do not delete them.

It is beneficial to seek help when handling the digital legacy of a deceased loved one. Sometimes, looking after the digital property of a loved one involves more than just deleting inactive accounts. Users leave important information on online platforms. You might need to extract some details before deleting the profile of your loved one. Many social media platforms have the option to memorialise the account of a deceased person.

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