How To Delete Or Extract Funds From eTrade Account When Someone Die?

Easily Delete Or Extract Funds From eTrade Account


It is always good when someone you love takes care of your needs. Be it anything from daily needs to managing finances for you. But the fact is this might stop any given day. You don’t want it, but you might lose your loved one anytime, and that is when you are in a position to make significant decisions on their behalf. 

Whether you want to delete or extract funds from an ETrade account, you must perform according to the process. Since it is related to funds and investments, the guidelines are essential. To preserve your loved one’s identity, you should take care of these accounts as quickly as possible. These tasks are usually completed shortly after the funeral.

After the death of the closed one, you end up with many jobs to perform, and the hard ones are those related to finances. Since it is related to money, you might face trouble after involvement. If your loved one was into Etrade investments, you must know about everything, from the investment accounts to the amount invested.

In cases of sudden death and you have no clue of the investments, you might need to approach with or without login and password details.

eTrade Account- An Overview

eTrade is a financial service organization that offers investors to trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and futures. E*Trade allows investors to trade with several accounts that include savings, custodial, retirement, and brokerage accounts. The firm does not provide forex trading, cryptocurrencies, or the ability for investors to exchange fractional shares of stock.

How To Delete or Extract Funds from an eTrade Account?

To Delete or Extract Funds from an eTrade account, you can perform the task in two possible situations.

1] With Login Details

It’s great if your loved one has already allowed you to access all the login and investment details. Submit the details from their account and see if the account is not utilized within 18 months; it is considered “inactive.” After that, it leaves the system.

 If you wish to be more involved, visit the eTrade website and look for the “Account Closure Request” link. You will be asked to follow a two-step process that includes:

  • It is ensuring twice that you wish to delete the account. Since it is not usual to delete investment accounts, you must declare twice that you want to delete your loved one account permanently.

  • Close the account and resolve any outstanding payments to be made. Before permanently deleting the account, make any remaining payments, such as fees or other remaining transactions, to avoid further trouble.

2] Without Login Details

  • Ensure you have all the essential documents that include:

  • Full name and email address of the deceased
  • A copy of your government identification to verify your link to the deceased
  • Social Security number of the deceased
  • The officials may seek proof of your loved one’s death, so a copy of the death certificate and a link to the obituary will help smooth the process.
  • Authority documentation, such as a Power of Attorney or Testament

  • Contact customer care by email or phone. eTrade provides live chat, a phone number, and even in-person meetings in their branches. You can express the scenario in a situation when you don’t have login details.

  • Follow Instructions from Customer Support Representative

You may need to use one of the forms from the forms and applications part of the eTrade website if you want to extract funds from the account because you are named as a beneficiary. You should consult an attorney connected to your relative’s estate to determine when this is necessary.

It is critical to consider the deceased loved one’s desires. It’s advisable to follow any instructions for their accounts specified in their will or estate plan.


E*Trade is a financial services company that offers retail investors and traders online brokerage, retirement, and investing services. They have strict guidelines when you want to delete or extract funds from an Etrade account when the account holder dies. As a successor of family and finances, you need to act smart while dealing with guidelines to get the funds successfully and shut the account. 

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