12 Powerful Prayers For Good Health

Powerful Prayers for Good Health

Good health is a very crucial part of life. We may be very healthy in our childhood, but as we grow older, health starts to deteriorate gradually. Good health is a prerequisite for the excellent functioning of the body. Thus, it is advised to have regular physical check-ups. Here is a list of health prayers that can help you maintain good health every day. Praying before God gives us inner peace with our mind’s peace. 

There are numerous things which we do to keep ourselves fit. Praying to God for good health can be a part of our life. You may be praying for the good health of yourself or your loved ones. Below in this blog post, 12 powerful prayers for good health are stated.

Have a look at this health prayer so that your prayer reaches God in a more précised way.

  1. Father,  Praise you for this day and every day we wake in this beautiful side of heaven every day. Each day is designated with a purpose. We pray for your guidance and ask for wisdom. Help us to live every day with perfection from start to finish.
  2. Thank you for your wise words fuel our tired minds and souls. Your promise to meet us in prayers and studies helps us live our days. A special thanks to Jesus for the sacrifice made for us on the cross. Provide access to our beloved Father through prayer and scripture. Each story of the Bible defines our lives with your perfect timing.
  3. Father, We request your forgiveness for neglecting to care for the life you have us with. The life you gave us with a purpose is to do more than we can ask for or imagine. We feel down mentally and physically when we proceed with doing any work. Alternatively, we prepare ourselves for physical harassment but ignore our mental health. The spiritual part is the most ignored part of our lives.
  4. God, Help us to hold the joyous life you provided to us. Help us to love you unconditionally and walk free on this path. Please help us to keep our words daily. Please give us the strength to perform our duties with perfection every day. Send some more holy spirits to hold on to your words. We request you to give all of us a heart like Jesus.
  5. Please give us the wisdom to start our day with your remembrance. The thoughts and our decisions lead us to the way of bad health. Guide us with your wise words. Let our hearts and minds remember you every day. Show us a path to good health and accept this health prayer.
  6. Father, Help us bear the pain of every chronic problem in our lives. These problems will not be healed in this sinful world. We know that you plan for our well-being, but we deviate from your defined path in this broken world. We ask for your forgiveness and brawn.
  7. God, Forgive us for our negligence. In this busy and nasty world, we walk on a path that is exactly opposite of the path shown by you. Forgive us for all the sins we do every day with our bodies. Enlighten us with the correct path to living a healthy life.
  8. You are a powerful lord. I pray you to bless us all with solid immunity to have a robust defense system against bacterial and viral infections. I thank you for the creation of us, humans. Please help me to possess a healthy immune system with healthy habits. Bless us all with the ability to avoid practices that discourage a robust immune system.
  9. Prayer for Healthy Respiratory and Cardiovascular System

    Father, please bless all of us with an excellent respiratory and cardiovascular system so that no one faces issues related to these organs. I praise your splendid work for all of us. Bless us to the healthy circulation of blood and respiration.
  10. Miracles with Health

    Father, thank you for listening to my problems and helping me to live my life perfectly. My breath is a gift from you. Help me never to take my health and loved ones for granted. Help me to stay focused on you to face unexpected and unfavorable circumstances.
  11.  Prayer For Unhealthy Habits

    Father, I keep all my unhealthy habits about my body to you. I ask for your help for better nourishment for my body. I pray for your timing to bless me with healthy habits. I urge your forgiveness for my unhealthy habits and pray for healthy habits.
  12. Prayer For Frontline Medical Workers

    Father, you are the only healer. Thank you for blessing us with the medical workers who sacrifice their comfort, sleep, food, family, and time for us. Thank you for providing them with knowledge and wisdom to cure people’s health-related problems. Shower your blessings on the medical workers and doctors to keep them doing the good work.


Most people have an idea of what a prayer is. It’s a way to talk to God and connect with him. Prayer doesn’t just mean talking to God. There are many other ways that we speak to him through prayer. Health prayers to God with a good intention always work. 

A common phrase that says, ‘health is wealth’ is the basis of our lives. Every initiative to gain a better lifestyle is a step towards good health. Shift your habits from bad to good to live a healthy and fit life.