30 Funny ‘Get Well Soon’ Messages

A lady reading get well soon funny messages

Being sick is truly the worst. Nothing feels good when your body is not supporting you in your endeavors. Luckily we have the best medicine, laughter. With some funny get well soon message, cheer up the person who is not feeling their best.

  1. If not that I knew you had been to the hospital, I would think you’re pranking us. You don’t look sick but sleek. I hope you believe my white lie. Get well soon.
  2. I think you are enjoying this ‘falling ill’ situation too much. Have a swift recovery now, dear.
  3. Missing your bubbly spirit like Aladdin would miss genie. I pray for you to get well soon. Hope my wish is granted. 
  4. I am petitioning God for your fast recovery. Show signs of improvement soon or I’ll break your legs once more. Simply joking dear, get well soon.
  5. Even viruses can’t resist someone charming like you. Hoping for your fast recovery.
  6. Falling ill is a great opportunity to get paid offs at work, vacation from school, get your beauty sleep, and most importantly, to fund our poor doctors.
  7. You have no right to get sick. Remember, you are my hero? You are supposed to be strong.
  8. Please try not to think of it as a stay at the hospital. Think of it as a spa package that includes meals, regular health checks, and jello cubes.
  9. Congrats you are formally debilitated! Appreciate the occasions. Unwind a ton. What’s more, returned soon so that we likewise get the chance to fall ill.
  10.  I hope you gain an extra pound or two before resuming work. That’s to make up for the times I cleared your table of the huge paperwork you should have done. To even think my mushy heart fell helplessly again for your excuse of being sick, you sly fox. 
  11. It must not be feeling like you are in the hospital, especially when the doctor is so hot. Lucky you! Get well soon. 
  12. My mom has been pretty worried about you. Kindly get well soon; I can’t deal with having another hospitalized patient to bring flowers to.
  13. Without you, work has been so boring! We can’t wait to have you back, so please get well soon!
  14. Even superheroes need a rest sometimes. Focus on resting and regaining your strength, and you’ll be back to your old self in no time.
  15. I knew you were desperately looking for time-off, but this one seems painfully long for us. Please, dear, recover your lazy ass and come back to us!
  16. No, I don’t miss you, but instead, I’m curious what the hospital food tastes like, so get well and come back soon.
  17. Of course, you got sick right when it was your turn to pay for lunch. I see how it is! Get well soon so I can take my revenge.
  18. If I tell you to ‘get well soon’ that means you need to get better right away.
  19. The hospital may not be an all-inclusive resort, but with three meals a day, a state-of-the-art adjustable bed, and bedside service, it’s not far off. Get well soon, buddy.
  20. I thought you were invincible, but this sickness proved me wrong. However, I know you can outrun it. Be better soon.
  21. Falling ill is a great opportunity to get paid offs at work, vacation from school, get your beauty sleep, and most importantly, to fund our poor doctors.
  22. Just like a basketball, you’re going to bounce right back! Get well soon!
  23. The teacher called. Recess is canceled until you get well. Recover soon! 
  24. No sickness in the world has the power to keep someone as strong-willed as you down. Get better soon.
  25. I can’t be tired of praying for your healing as long as you promise to buy me dinner the night after you recover.
  26. Enough funding the poor hospital chap! Get well soon now.
  27. There are so many things to tell you in one message. But I’d rather wish you to get well soon than express my amorous feelings to a man under the influence of drugs.
  28. Even if a healing potion exists that takes care of all the sicknesses in the world, it won’t prevent us from falling ill. That’s why you should stay healthy rather than to be sickly. Hope you’ll take my silly advice to heart once you come out of this sickness.
  29. You’re so insufferable that I’m sure this sickness will be fed up with you. Kick it to the curb and let’s get back to life.
  30.  In my honest opinion, you should never fall sick again. You look like the Grinch’s second cousin right now.

Laughter truly is the best medicine; not only does humor cheer them up, but you also look sincere for attempting to take their minds off things. Find more get well soon messages with these 70 Get-Well Soon Messages, Quotes, and Wishes.