How To Plan Funeral Using Zoom For Your Loved Ones?

A lady attending Funeral using zoom call.

Funeral planning has changed due to the global pandemic. Funerals now have to have been organized through the Funeral Using Zoom with all friends and relatives attending it through their laptops or PC’s, since they might be living at a distance (a country if they are abroad); this also allows more people to attend the funeral that may not have been able to make it physically.

Virtual funerals can be attended by everyone who links to the ceremony. This will give a chance to pay homage to the deceased person. This mode of communication conveys the same feeling as in-person communication. Zoom is an online platform that helps people in connecting. The procedure for organizing a zoom meeting is effortless.

In the next part of this article, planning a funeral using zoom is given. Follow these simple processes and connect your loved one in a funeral ceremony through the Zoom Meeting platform. But before proceeding further, let’s understand first what a virtual funeral is?

Virtual Funerals

This is a relatively new concept. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, we have attended most of the functions or the programs on online meeting platforms. The funeral is also a kind of meeting where people meet the deceased person’s family and show their respect towards the person who died and offer condolence to the family.

The funeral is generally conducted at a place where accumulate together, and the process is done. The same funeral process is conducted at a defined place in a virtual funeral also but, the people join through online meeting platforms. The host will share the link they want to share with, and with the same link, people can attend the funeral ceremony.

Procedure for Organizing a Funeral Using Zoom

The following steps are to be followed while planning a funeral on Zoom. Some steps are similar to those of the offline process and will have to be followed in both ways.

1. Plan Your Funeral Arrangements in Advance

Funeral arrangements must be done in advance before the actual funeral services. This includes funeral home selection, cremation or burial preparations, and funeral service planning. This will provide you with an upper hand in the whole ceremony.

2. Selection of Funeral Director

This is an important step that needs to be followed in the process. You must check the state licensing requirements for funeral directors. Also, check their 24 hrs availability and ask about their funeral home’s philosophy.

3. Schedule Funeral Services

Once the funeral arrangements are made, the next step is planning funeral services. Many things can be done at a virtual funeral, like playing funeral music, showing funeral videos of your loved ones who passed away before, an online guestbook for people to sign, online condolence cards, and many more things.

Plan a funeral ceremony for both physical and virtual mode. The funeral director also offers suggestions for arrangements and funeral services as they already have planned details.

4. Choice of Equipment

This becomes an essential aspect of online funeral services. The people will be connected through the internet, and the equipment you would be using must be competent enough to run the ceremony smoothly.

If you want this ceremony to look professional, you must have a professional approach. Either you can arrange professional pieces of equipment or hire professionals for the same. The latter option is safe and secure as ordinary people do not handle the equipment.

The technical equipment must be chosen smartly to accommodate all the guests. A good router, reliant internet connection, HDMI Cables, a laptop with a good camera, or a professional camera are the basic requirements for conducting an online funeral.

The next important thing is to place the camera in such a way to cover the whole process perfectly. There must not be any disturbance around the camera to face any hindrances. If these steps are followed thoroughly, then Funeral Using Zoom will be conducted ideally.

5. How to Schedule Funeral Using Zoom and Send Links to the Guests?

Well, this is an important question which must be looked at. First, you have to create a Zoom account. Log in to the Zoom Application through your credentials. After this, you have to create a virtual calendar where you have to schedule the funeral services mentioning the date and time of the funeral. Be careful while doing this so that the actual date and time of the funeral matches with the calendar timing.

After this, you have to send the meeting credentials to your family members and friends. They will be joining through the meeting link. For that, they have to install the Zoom application on their device. The link will direct them to the Funeral Using Zoom services.

The above guide for conducting an online Funeral Using Zoom services is on point. These are the basic requirements for any meeting conducted on online platforms. Follow these simple steps and connect your loved ones in the funeral process. This new meeting model is compatible with the present time as everyone can’t travel to a different city to attend funeral services.