21 Touching “Missing you on your birthday” Messages to send your Mom on her special day

'Missing Mom On Her Birthday' messages to send your Mom

Moms are always special to everyone, and her birthday is even unique. But what if mom is not present on her birthday? You want to do something unique and different on her birthday. Even if you are away from your mother, you can tell her how much you miss her on her birthday. Through these 21 Touching “Missing you on your birthday” messages, you can show your love and affection to her.

Unfortunately, it is very tough when you are not with that person whom you loved the most in the world. It does not matter, whether physically or by death. It is always tough to celebrate a birthday without her presence. But still, you can celebrate her birthday by sending particular Missing you on your birthday messages. Using these unique messages, you can tell your mom how much you miss her. 

  1. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Mom. I wish I were there with you on your special day.

    This message is used when you were not present at that place with her. Or for those moms who went out of the home.

  2. I hope this gift reminds you of my younger days when you made my birthday very special. Missing you on your Birthday

    If you have something gifted by your mom on your birthday, then pack and send it to your mom with a special note, which describes your love on her special day.

  3. It is the first time I am not there, and I wish I lived closer to you. But my mind and heart are there with you.

    This message is beneficial for someone who is far from their home. Using these right words, you can celebrate her birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to Mom, Happy Birthday to you!

    When you were not there with your mom, sing a song for your mom. Wishing your mom with this song made her very emotional and special.

  5. Happy Birthday to the dearest and treasured Mom.

    These are very simple messages for mom in which you wished your mom on her special day.

  6. Happy Birthday Mom! I can’t be there with you on your special day, but I have something special planned when I come back home.

    A family celebration is always playing a big part on birthdays. Remind them that a particular day, special celebration makes them more comfortable.

  7. The kinds and I wanted to wish you a Very Happiest Birthday, Mom (Grandma)!

    While children wanted to wish you a very happy birthday mom on your actual day, that feels very emotional for her.

  8. You had other plans for your birthday this year, but we will be booked the date next year, and we are all together on your special day.

    In this message, you plan a trip with your mom and dad. So that they can get an idea about next year’s planning. Furthermore, spending family time on a trip is the best gift for any mother.

  9. How much I miss you today! Happy Birthday Mom!

    It’s midnight, and I woke up to let you know how much I miss you, my mom. You are the first thing that is in my mind.

  10. Happy Birthday Mom! I wish I were there to see you cutting the cake.

    This message is used when you are not there, but still, you can take place in the celebration. You can request her for photos and videos on her special day.

  11. We can’t wait to see you on your special day!

    This is the best way to tell your mom how much you love her and want to see her on her special day. You can schedule one day trip on her special day.

  12. Very Happy Birthday, Mom! Kids wanted to see you!

    We can use technology and video call or face chat to see mom. Distance does not matter in the world while we have the technology.

  13. We are planning to make your favorite lunch. We wish you were here.

    This is the best way to tell your mom how much you miss her on her special day. Making her favorite food on lunch made her more special.

  14. To the best grandmother in the whole world! Happy Birthday my Best Grandma!

    Making moms make her birthday very special. Please take a photo with them and share it with the best caption.

  15. Happy Birthday My Mom! Wishing you a very happiest 50th birthday, mom!

    You may not be able to see your mom on your special day. But no need to worry about it. You will celebrate and wish your mom’s birthday by using technology.

  16. Happy Birthday to the Best Mom in the World!

    This sentence made her feel very special. While you wish her the best words, she will be feeling very emotional.

  17. It’s your Birthday! Sending our love! I wish we were there to make you feel important, as you made me feel all those years!

    This is the message when you remember your childhood birthday and wish your mom with this memory.

  18. There are angles gods put on this earth. Happy Birthday Mom!

    Wish you were here today. You can still send a message or wish your mom even she is no longer.

  19. Wishing you were here today, Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom!

    I wish you were here today, so I could say happy birthday and see your loving smile.

  20. We baked a caked in memory of you today. I wish you are here. Happy Birthday, My Mom!

    Making her favorite food on her birthday and set out a plate for her. I wish her and miss her.

  21. God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart. Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom!

    These words can offers when your mom is no longer here. You will always be in my heart.

Well, we are listing down 21 touching “Missing you on your birthday” messages for the most loving mom. These sisterhood quotes and Missing you on your birthday messages can be sent to our lovely mom on their birthdays or other special occasions.