Heartfelt In Loving Memory Quotes Of Someone Who Died

In Loving Memory Quotes of Someone Who Died

When a person passes away, those left behind can feel lost. It’s hard to cope with the loss when you don’t know what to say or do. In loving memory, quotes are an elegant way to acknowledge the passing of loved ones and express your thoughts and feelings. Here is a treasure trove of beautiful quotes that can help you tell others that you will never forget someone special in your life.

In Loving Memory of Quotes for Funerals

A meaningful remembering quotation is an excellent approach to begin or end a eulogy address. 

  1. Today, we come together to mourn as one, guaranteeing that your memory will never be forgotten.
  2. In loving memory of the one we adore, may your light shine down from heaven forever.
  3. You can only lose a person’s body; the rest of them can be found in your heart and mind.
  4. Remembrance is a verb, an action that we must perform daily.
  5. We unite now and forever in our hearts in your loving memory.

General Sympathy Card In Loving Memory Quotes

When sending bereavement or sympathy cards to those who have lost a loved one, you may wish to include a touching remembrance quote that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

  1. It is a blessing in disguise to love someone so deeply that it aches to lose them.
  2. Remembrance is eternal.
  3. As long as love exists, this cannot be the end.
  4. Remembering may be painful for all eternity, but it will also be painful.
  5. Every tear you cry is an “I love you” from the universe (Name).

In Loving Memory of... Death Anniversaries Quotes

Death anniversary remembrance quotes can be read at memorial ceremonies, written in death anniversary cards, or used as keepsakes.

  1. Every year without you brings new memories pouring back.
  2. Our love for you is a joyful celebration that brings tears to our eyes.
  3. We measure our lives in your memory like sands in an hourglass.
  4. You’ll never altogether leave us as long as we never forget you.
  5. Your kind remembrance inspires me to live joyfully.

In Loving Memory Quotes in a Short Form

You don’t have to say much to imply a lot. Short in-loving memory sayings are ideal for memory tattoo quotes.

  1. Loving memories are not selected; instead, they are natural.
  2. Death cannot pierce my heart since it is made of your love.
  3. Invisible to the naked sight, yet palpable in my heart.
  4. In memory of someone extraordinary.
  5. Death merely took one part of me; the rest is stored in my heart.

Quotes for Mom in Loving Memory

Remembrance Quotes for moms are ideal for weddings and events such as Mother’s Day, as they let you maintain her spirit with you during the festivities.

  1. My mother offered me a life in which I might learn to love her for the rest of my life.
  2. My mother’s memory has been locked in time as a stairway of love that I can never ascend.
  3. Mothers are the givers of life; even in death, they provide you with what you require to survive.
  4. A child’s love and a mother’s love are identical. It appears out of nowhere and continues to warm.
  5. Remembering my mother gives me a sense of how she must have felt as I developed inside her womb.

Quotes for Grandma in Loving Memory

With a nostalgic loving remembrance phrase, you can express your feelings for your grandmother long after she’s gone.

  1. She lived a long and happy life, which gave me something to aspire towards.
  2. My affection for my grandmother is as deep as her wrinkles, and when I think of her, my eyes glitter.
  3. Every time I sit down to a family meal, I think about my grandmother and how much she loved me.
  4. My grandmother was the paintbrush on my spirit, leaving behind a lovely, complete portrait of love.
  5. My grandmother’s memory is as constant as the rocking of her chair.

Quotes in Loving Memory of Grandpa

Use an astounding remembrance quotation to express how warmly you remember your grandfather.

  1. He stands firm in my mind, like a grandfather clock, keeping me on track.
  2. Grandfathers are extra dads you don’t have for as long, but their memories stick with you like a beautiful melody.
  3. The wisdom he imparted will live on long after his body is gone, for generations and generations to try to embody.
  4. My grandfather would disapprove of saying that I think about him every day. He wants me to live, love, and die with him as one of the foundations of my soul.
  5. Grandfathers are the beginning of a long line of family members who take portions of him to help them align.

A heartfelt condolence quote or verse can be just the thing. Whether you’re writing to a friend, a family member, or someone who’s lost a loved one, these quotes can help you express your feelings of kindness and compassion. And if you don’t know what to write, these quotes can give you some ideas and inspiration.