How to Write a Eulogy Speech for Someone

How to Write a Eulogy Speech for Someone

Success comes and goes in a flash, but words live long after someone’s death. A eulogy speech is one of the finest celebrations of a life that you can share with the world. However, crafting a eulogy speech that suits your relationship with the deceased can be hard work while still reflecting their legacy. Here’s how to write a eulogy speech for someone you know – and what to avoid.

How to write a Eulogy Speech?

When it comes to writing a eulogy for someone, there are unique challenges to tackle. Taking the time to write a speech about someone dear to you is an amazing, loving gesture that shows the depth of your relationship and what they meant to you. This guide was made to help you write a eulogy speech and choose the right one for you or your loved one.

The Purpose

The purpose of writing a eulogy speech is one of the most critical points to be considered. You must be sure about the meaning of writing this note. By purpose, we mean the context in which Eulogy will be written. It could be based on the connection between you and the person. 

It can also be based on the person’s life, and in some cases, it is generally written as an emotional connection speech. You can also use different memories and stories related to the person. This speech could be on his list of achievements to honor the person. 

Write It According To The Audience

It would help if you never forget that this particular speech is made to connect the audience with the feelings and sentiments of the deceased person. Sometimes there is a possibility that there might be restricted members of the family at the funeral due to situations. Hence, you need to be very precise in your speech not to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

It must be written so that you keep the audience positive and make a particular connection with the help of speech. This time of grief is very hard for relatives and connected people. Your speech must confront them and try to reduce the pain.


The tone of the delivery of such speeches is also a significant thing to be considered. People think that Eulogy is all about sad notes, but in reality, it could be delivered in a fun note. Sometimes the note could be according to the person and could be related to his life. Always remember to keep it smooth.  

We all know laughter can heal and help fight the most challenging times. The same thing can happen with eulogies. Keep your tone low but, on the other hand, make it sound like a happy farewell. This will create positivity in the entire environment.

Try To Cover Every Significant Point

The basics must be covered in a eulogy speech. One must understand that this speech is not for a long duration. It must be short and straightforward, but on the other hand, it should cover all the essential points.

There is no format to write a eulogy, but you can start with a short introduction reflecting the highlights of the person’s life. Further, you can pick certain events that make you and him connected. You can help people cheer up with his memories. At last, it comes to paying respect to the deceased one.

Pick A Unique Story

The easiest way to remember an individual is by remembering a specific story or an event related to the person. It could be a happy story or a sad story, or in many cases, it can also be a motivating story related to the person’s achievements.

The most simplified way to connect to the audience is by using such a story. You can use the entire story or even a part of the story. These stories will help the audience to connect emotionally.

You Can Pick A Story Based On These Points-

  1. What was unique about the person and his special characteristics?
  2. Stories regarding his achievements and the good works he did for society.
  3. Stories of you meeting the person and extraordinary incidents where he played a significant part.
  4. You can also mention specific moments for emotional attachment.

Pick A Special Quote

A good idea to proceed with a eulogy is by using a quote or a special mention that the person often used to say or believed in. Again, we are pointing out that the entire concept of this speech will be to remember the person and make the audience connect emotionally with the speech.

A good eulogy is always appreciated, and it can help pay particular respect for your loved ones. In the end, it is all about bidding farewell, and what’s better than to say goodbye by using his quote for the last time.


The Eulogy is always extraordinary, and it must be written in such a way that this last note for your loved ones has all to remember him forever. We have given all the required information on how to write a eulogy for someone. Thanks for reading.