How to Become a Death Doula & How Much You Can Expect To Earn?

Death Doula offering emotional and physical support to a patient

Death doulas are the one that offers emotional and physical support during the last days of a person who is about to die. Death doulas prepare logistical plans and prepare the family to handle their emotions, and they are also the last people who help in the transition from life to death.

Many people hire death doulas at the end of their life. While many people have misconceptions about the job of a death doula, most of them like to work as they feel it is so exciting. The death doulas are basically professional companions who help terminally ill and dying people in their last days.

The definition of a Doula is support that gets given to someone. On the other hand, Death doulas are trained health care professionals that offer support services to dying people and their families. They do so by preparing a plan to transition their current living situation state to that of death.

Doulas and childbirth have been closely connected for a long time. A doula is a non-medical person who becomes a pregnant woman’s support system during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

How to Become a Death Doula

Essentials for Becoming a Death Doula

Some elements must be looked at before becoming a death doula. The job of a death doula is not simple. One has to be prepared to face emotional ups and downs. Everyone experiences death differently; some people can handle emotional outbreaks, while some cannot. However, the death doulas ensure to make every death a ‘good end. Some other elements must be present inside a person if they aspire to become a death doula.

Emotional and Physical Demands

Being a death doula can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. When the people are in their last hours, the death doulas need to be very attentive. The reason is that no one can predict that when a person dies, it can be sudden, or it can take a long time as well. This can be a drawn-out process because you have to very alert.

On average, a doula has to work for 12 hours straight. They have to work for their client emotionally and physically. Also, it is essential to make yourself emotionally secure and set boundaries before emotional outbreaks.

Awareness about Death

Experiencing the death of a close friend or loved one is not sufficient to become a death doula. Also, it is not enough to read stories about deaths because practically, it is very different to see a person dying. Watching a person dying is very difficult, and you need to compromise with your emotions and balance them.

Compassionate Heart

A death doula must have a compassionate heart to guide people to their deaths. The dying persons will share about the happenings of their lives, their blissful moments, and their regrets. A death doula needs to listen to the dying person patiently and without a judgemental mind. The kindness of the doula is necessary so that the person dies peacefully.

FAQs Related To Becoming A Death Doula.

Who can become a death doula?  

Anyone who wants to serve a dying person can become a death doula.

Do you have to take an exam to become a death doula?  

Currently, there is no State accredited body to conduct an exam for becoming a death doula. Training centers offer certificates after successful completion of training and exams. There are no state bodies to complete an exam and issue a license for becoming a death doula.

What are the prerequisites?  

Well, there is no specific requirement for becoming a death doula. The only requirement is a kind and open heart.

How much does the training cost?  

Usually the training centers charges from $750to $3000. The cost depends upon the length of the training period.

Who needs a death doula?  

Those need a death doula at the end stage of their lives. The death doulas can be an excellent resource for the person’s family about to die.

What will be the job location?  

The job location varies as per the situation. Sometimes it can be a house, and sometimes a hospital. The person is taking their last breaths is the actual job location.

How much money is paid to a death doula?  

This is the most critical question while considering any career opportunity. Usually, death doula charges around $25 per hour to $100 per hour. The price variation depends on the death doula’s agreement and the client. 

Benefits of Becoming a Death Doula?  

Therefore the job of a death doula is very much meaningful. As a death doula, you will spend time with people in their most vulnerable stage of life. Your job is just to make their death a pleasant one. You must have the patience to listen to that person’s life happenings. 

Death is considered one of the most sacred transitions. The transition period of a person’s life to death must be spent with somebody.  Now is the right time if you feel like becoming a death doula. Explore education across the globe. This job is mentally satisfying for those who agree to accept all the terms.