Tips for What to Bring to a Funeral or Memorial Service

what to bring to a funeral or Memorial Service

The funeral day can be difficult for many; whether you’re a family member, a friend, or an acquaintance, saying goodbye to somebody is never easy. When attending the funeral or memorial service of a loved one, it is often unclear what to bring to a funeral. 

Here we will discuss the traditional and specific items you should be aware of, as well as some ideas that can bring comfort to your loved ones at one of the most difficult times in their life.

What to Bring to a Funeral Viewing?

All the first-timers ask this question. However, funeral viewing shows the deceased’s body to very close family members and friends. It is not important to bring anything to the funeral viewing. 

Just show up on time and rest; everything is fine. Dress appropriately and behave politely. Pray for the departed soul. You just have to follow these simple instructions if you are going to a funeral viewing for the very first time. 

What to Bring to a Funeral or Memorial Service?

There is something that must be taken to a funeral service. Following is the list of things that must be taken to a funeral service. It is not mandatory to bring each of them to a funeral service. 

Choose the things which you find the most appropriate on the list. Have a look at the list.

  • Flowers – Taking flowers to a funeral or memorial service is standard practice. Buy decent flowers to take to a funeral service keeping the event in mind. Taking flowers in funeral service has been in practice for a long time. People will also appreciate this gesture of yours. If you are going to a funeral service for the first time, then take flowers with you. 

  • Family Photos – Gifting unseen photos of the deceased at a funeral can be enlightening for the deceased’s family. Some photos must have been taken of the deceased. This gift can bring back the memories of the deceased. Your gift will be appreciated very much.

  • Sympathy Cards – A handwritten sympathy card for the deceased’s family is always appreciated. You can take it to a funeral service, memorial service, celebration of life, or funeral receptions.

  • Food – Ask the aggrieved family if you can take the food or not. If you take the food without asking the family, it can burden them to handle the food. If the family gives permission, then it is the best gift.

  • Donation – People often ask for assistance at the funeral service or at the end of the obituary. You can donate to the favorite cause of the deceased even if the family has not asked for it. Make your donation silently and inform the family very politely about it. 

  • Stories and Memories – Many families choose to hold the main memorial event or celebration of life. Make a slideshow or collage with the photos of the deceased. Show to all the guests at the event. But keep in mind to make an appropriate one keeping the audience in mind. 


Losing a loved one is not easy. It gives a miserable feeling. People get destroyed from the inside, but they have to deal with the situation politely. In this challenging time, anything which can enlighten their mood is highly appreciated.   

If you have never been to a memorial service or don’t know what to bring to a funeral, then this blog was of some help to you.

In this blog post, we have mentioned every detail of a funeral service. Suggestions are made about what gifts you can take to a funeral service. People become clueless about what gifts to take and what not to take.