Eulogy Definition, Meaning, and Examples

What is a Eulogy Definition and Examples

An Eulogy is a speech or an oration to honor the deceased. If you have ever visited a funeral service, you must have heard a heartfelt speech. An Eulogy speech is usually given by the immediate family member or a close relative, addressing the audience and telling them about the deceased.

In simple terms, a eulogy speech is a tribute to the deceased person. It is given in the funeral services to remember the departed soul. Giving a eulogy is an honor, but at the same time, it is very painful to talk about a deceased loved one.  

What is a Eulogy?

The loss of a loved one is very painful. The feeling of sorrow cannot be described in words, but one has to describe it in words by giving a eulogy speech in a funeral service.

A eulogy speech is a description of the deceased person. In short, it is the life story of the departed soul which is shared with the people at the funeral. The best part about eulogy is that it gives a chance to share grief with others.

Also, it is a tribute to the departed soul. A eulogy speech is given in the remembrance of the deceased person. We live in a community and have certain duties towards our society.

A person’s life affects all of us in some way. Sharing the deceased person’s life story is a way to show respect toward the community. 

What is the Eulogy Speech?

An eulogy is a way to mourn the death of a person who had a special place in your life. It allows you to remember the deceased soul and share their story with others.  

Through the eulogy, you can honor the departed soul and help other people to lower their sorrow. This can clarify the importance of eulogy in a funeral or memorial. A eulogy speech is sharing grief and pain due to the loss of a loved one. When we lose someone very close to us, we feel miserable. That feeling must be shared with other people. Otherwise, it can kill a person from the inside. 

How to Write a Eulogy Speech?

Writing a eulogy speech is very challenging. You suffered a huge personal loss, and someone tells you to address an audience and share your grief. What would you do? Would you be able to do that?

It is very tough. But you have to do it. Sharing fond memories of your loved one is the best part of a eulogy. In this article, we have made this task easier for our readers. 

We have made a specified list where we have jotted down the important things which must be kept in mind while writing a eulogy. So let us have a look at those requisites.

  1. Purpose: The purpose of writing a eulogy is very critical. You need to understand the importance of writing the eulogy. While addressing people, you need to tell them a story of the deceased person where you have to put your relationship with the dead at priority.

    Everything in your speech must be related to the departed soul. You can share your favorite memory with the deceased or anything known to very few people.

  1. Keep the Audience in Mind: You need to connect with the audience with your speech. At a funeral, only closely associated persons are invited. Every person in the audience is related to the deceased in some or the other way.

    You need to be precise with what you are saying in your speech. You have to maintain a relationship with the audience as well. You cannot hurt the sentiment of anyone at such a critical moment. Therefore, keep your audience in mind while writing your eulogy speech.

  1. Tone of the Speech: This is a significant point to be considered while writing a speech. While most people think that a eulogy speech is a serious one, it can be fun.

    Consider your relationship with the deceased and the kind of person he was while deciding the tone of your speech. Also, keep the audience in mind as well.

  1. Try to Cover up Every Important Point: A eulogy speech must cover all the basics. This speech must not be for a long duration.

    It should be short and crisp, but on the other hand, it must cover all the essentials happening in the deceased’s lifetime. Though there is no prescribed format for writing a eulogy, you can start with an introduction. In the introduction, you can include something about the deceased. Further, include a few things which establish a connection between you and the deceased. Try cheering up the people with the life happenings of the dead. At last, conclude with praying for the departed soul.

  1. Pick a Unique Story: Pick a unique story about the deceased in your eulogy speech. Choose a story that shows your special connection with the person who died.

    The story can be sad or happy or, in some cases, a motivating one. It is the best and most simplified way to connect with the audience. One should choose a story about the deceased person’s life very critically.

  1. Pick a Special Quote: Proceeding with a quote believed by the deceased is always a wise decision. Use a quote that matches the type of person the dead was.

    Never include a quote that was against the personality of the departed soul.

20 Eulogy Examples: How to Write a Eulogy for a Loved One?

A eulogy speech refers to sharing of memories with the deceased person. It is the most challenging task for any person. A close person gives a eulogy at a funeral. A funeral takes place just after the death, and that time is critical for all the deceased’s loved ones.

Though it is a difficult task, you have to do it. Thinking capacity fades in such situations. We have figured out 21 eulogy examples that can help you while writing a eulogy speech for a loved one.

  1.  For a Friend: Thank you, everyone, for joining us to share our sorrow on the demise of our beloved friend. We all have gathered here to celebrate the life of (deceased person’s name). I want to share some of our memories.
  2. Eulogy for Sisters: Today is the saddest day. I never thought that this day would come. Thank you all for joining me and sharing the grief I hold inside me. 

  1. For Mother: This loss is irreplaceable. My mother holds an important position in my life that will always be vacant. Thank you, everyone, for showing up to celebrate my mother’s life. 

  1. Tribute to a Teacher: My teacher was my mentor. They are responsible for the position I am holding right now. 

Eulogy Examples for Brothers

  1. Thank you, everyone, for showing up here. Today is the saddest day in my life. Words are not enough to express my sorrow.

  1. Thank you, everyone, for coming here to celebrate my brother’s life. This is the most sorrowful day of my life for my family. He’ll always be missed. 

  1. Thank you, everyone, for coming here. This is the saddest day of my life. But I want to celebrate in my brother’s style.

Eulogy Examples for Fathers

  1. This will remain the most painful day of my life. I am addressing you all with a heavy heart.

  1. My father is an inspiration to me. I will always miss him. I want to thank everyone for coming on the most painful day of my life.

  1. I learned a lot from my father, yet many lessons are left. I’ll always miss him. My life won’t be the same ever again.

  1. No one can replace my father. He is an inspiration for many. Thank you, everyone, for showing up here to share my pain.

Tribute for Grandfather

  1. My childhood was special because of him. He is the biggest loss for me. Thank you, everyone, for sharing our grief.

  1. My grandfather had a special place in my life. His place cannot be fulfilled ever again. 

  1. Our life will remain incomplete without my grandfather. He was a guardian to us. Thank you, everyone, for coming here. 

Eulogy Examples for Everyone

  1. (Deceased person’s name) had a special place in our hearts. A place will always remain empty in my life.

  1. We know that death cannot be predicted. I hope that this pain ends soon. My deepest condolences to the family of the deceased.

  1. A mother’s love is the purest form of love. I will miss my mother my entire life. Nothing else can match the love of a mother.

  1. Eulogy for a Co-worker: He was like a mirror to me. Our time at the office was the best time I have spent. Their position cannot be fulfilled by anyone else. 

  1. A tribute to your best friend: Yesterday, I lost one of the prominent people in my life. From now onwards, I will only live with his memory.

  1. Yesterday, I lost my father-in-law. We shared a bond, and we respected each other. I will never forget him.


Giving a eulogy speech for someone is the most challenging thing in life. Preparing a eulogy speech is difficult, but the above guide might help in this difficult situation.