What To Wear To A Summer Funeral Or Memorial Service For Men?

summer funeral attire male

The deceased’s family members organize a funeral service to mourn their demise. During funeral services, only close family members and friends are invited. It is a necessary time to mourn and pray for the departed soul.

It is often observed that women have more clothing options than men. Men usually have a scarcity of options when it comes to clothes. In winter, they have some options to interchange winter wear. While in the summers, even that option is also snatched from men. So what would be appropriate summer funeral attire for males?

So in this blog, we will discuss the options of clothes from which men can opt while going to funerals in the summers.

  1. Traditional Black Suits: This attire always tops the list. In catholic tradition, it has always secured a top place. Traditionally people wear black clothes at a funeral. It signifies some bad news. So this is always available for men, and black suits are always present in every man’s closet.
  2. Dark Colour Suits: It is not necessary to always wear a black suit at a funeral service. But the attire must be decent. There are various alternatives to black suits. For example dark blue suits, dark grey suits, or brown suits. Avoid wearing suits of light colors. 
  3. All Black Attire: This attire is stylish and appropriate for funeral services. It is easily available in every wardrobe. Wear a decent black shirt and decent black trousers. Pair them with black shoes. This will be appropriate as per the occasion.
  4. Formal Wears: Formal wear also fit at funeral services. Wear decent formal clothes such as a white shirt with blue or grey trousers. Try wearing adequate formal clothes. Decent attire at a funeral service is always appreciated.

Manners and Etiquettes at a Funeral

A funeral is a sensitive ceremony where the deceased’s family mourns the demise of their family members. Guests are invited, and everyone shows their sympathy for the family of the dead. Summer funeral attire for males is discussed in the above section. Now, let us look at the things or gestures that a person must follow at a funeral service. 

  1. Offer Sympathy: Offer sympathy to the family of the deceased. The family is suffering from loss and needs some wise words. Show that you care about their feelings.
  2. Keep the Cultural Differences in Mind: Different cultures have different beliefs. While going to a funeral ceremony, keep in mind the family’s culture hosting the ceremony. There are some colors or some sayings which are not common. Avoid using those things which are against the culture of the host.
  3. Never Ever Disturb the Funeral Services: Funeral services are significant ceremonies. It must be done as per the culture and tradition of the deceased’s family. Never interrupt during the services. It leaves a harmful impact on the family of the dead.
  4. Buy Flowers: Buy flowers to offer to the deceased soul. This is the best way to show sympathy and care. Avoid using fancy and decorative flowers. Use white or decent color flowers.


It is very important to be precise at a funeral service. People tend to avoid basic manners and etiquette at a funeral service. They don’t do it intentionally, but it happens at the moment.

Prepare yourself well for the ceremony and don’t miss out on anything. From summer funeral attire for the male to taking gifts for the deceased’s family and buying flowers, plan everything.

Small things make the difference. Your small gesture of kindness might support the family and drain down their sorrow. 

Hope this article provides some help to the readers while they are planning to visit a funeral ceremony to show their condolence to the family.