Mourning Dove Symbolism: Exploring Its Peace and Power

Mourning dove meaning and its symbolism

The word ‘mourning’ is negative as it reflects the demise of a living being. But the case with mourning dove meaning is different. A mourning dove is a spiritual messenger of faith, love, and peace—this bird, when mourns, stipulates positive energy. 

The mourning is connected with sorrow and pain, but the mourning dove symbolizes love and peace as its cousin white dove. This topic needs to be explored more, and in this blog post, we will cover this less-known fact about the mourning dove.

Spiritual Symbol of Mourning Dove

There are several Biblical stories about the dove. There are various spiritual meanings of the mourning dove, especially hope. It is believed that watching dove mourning indicates the visitation of a deceased loved one. This means encouragement from the deceased one.

Some people believe that the mourning dove is a messenger of God, angels, or even spiritual guides.

Interpretations of a Mourning Dove:

1. Sign of Peace

This symbol is historically associated with the white dove. However, doves have always served as a symbol of love and peace. The reason that the white dove is associated with peace is because of its color. White has always been a sign of peace and harmony. 

The dove in any color and form is associated with peace, love, harmony, and reasonable indications. The First International Peace Conference used the dove symbol in Paris in 1949; this was the popularity of the dove in the mid-20th century.  

 2. Symbols of Presence of Loved Ones:

It is a popular belief that when a dove mourns, our deceased loved ones visit us. The presence of a mourning dove means that our deceased ones want us to be happy and motivates us to face all the phases of our life. 

 3. Symbolizes Long Life in China:

Doves symbolize long life and consistency in China since doves pair up for life. The dove is used in various arts and designs. It is essential to mention that whenever a dove shows up in a design, painting, or any artistic work, the artist wants to reflect his idea of love and long life. 

 4. Symbol of Good Fortune for Africans:

In many traditional stories of African nations, the dove has been considered an indication of help, hope, and good fortune. A very famous story in Africa is that a woman and child were about to die of starvation. A dove flies above the woman and the child, after which the woman feeds the child with the seeds. Dove used to visit every day, and eventually, they survived. 

The woman then asked the dove to find her lost husband. The dove locates her husband, and then the family reunites. This story is the base of the African concept. This story symbolizes that good things happen to those who need them, and fortunes come with good works.

 5. Symbol of Romance from Greek and Roman Mythology:

The Greek goddess Aphrodite is the goddess of love. This goddess is often pictured with a dove. A similar picture of the Roman goddess Venus is also seen with a dove. In the Middle Ages, doves became a symbol of love, and eventually, Valentine’s Day was included as the holiday in the western calendar.

In western culture, the dove is an integral part of the feeling of love, and people often name their pets ‘lovey-dovey’.

What Does it Mean When a Dove Coo?

There are different interpretations. When mourning dove coos, then it indicates seeking and finding inner peace. Alternatively, people take it as a direct message from God.

For other mourning, dove meaning relates to the beginning of new life. It can be taken as the beginning of new life after death or the end of problems in life. A soft cooing from the dove indicates that the loved ones are watching from heaven and sending powerful energy.

Like the white dove, the mourning dove also indicates love and protection from God. This symbol of peace always spreads positivity when coos.


The world is very diverse, full of different cultures and traditions. But one thing is common in every culture, i.e., recognizing mourning doves. Mourning dove meaning in every culture has the exact denotation of peace and faith. 

Perhaps after reading this blog, you might have understood the meaning of a mourning dove. Appreciate this messenger of God and consider it as a good sign.