9 Irish Blessings For Funerals And Death

Irish Blessing Funerals and Death

The death of a close person can be quite an emotional time. In situations like this, people need to express their sorrow in words. We usually run out of words in these situations due to the shock. But remaining quiet in these situations might affect the deceased’s immediate family even more. 

Irish people are known all over the world for their poets and writers. The Irish are expected to shower smooth words in every circumstance. Usually, at funerals, people use their words very carefully—an Irish blessing the funeral is expected to use motivating words very precisely. To cheer up the mind of a person who has lost a loved one is not easy. But it can be done poetically, and that’s what Irish people do.

Let us see 9 Irish Blessings funerals and death, which can share the pain of a person’s loss. 

  1. May each day have its rebirth and admiration. It is a creation of life from undesired clay. It is initiating a new life from the resistant earth. It hints at the victory on the final judgment day, and may God bless you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. May the road rise to find you. May the wind always stay at your back. May the sun shines on your face. May the rains droplet drop on your fields. And until we meet again, May God holds you in his blissful hand.
  3. The Sign of the Holy Cross

    This blessing is the positioning of the cross with the right hand across the body. You may say these words, ‘In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the holy spirit. Amen’. This prayer will reflect your care for the deceased person. That, you want the departed soul to be in peace.

  4. Prayer to the Almighty to the Departed Soul

    This prayer directly comes from the almighty Jesus when his followers ask him the way to pray. This prayer is designed in such a way that t offers you strength and comfort. The prayer reads as follows:

    ‘Our Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be your name. The soul lies in your kingdom, prayer to take care of the departed soul as you have done on the earth’.

    This prayer requests God to take care of the deceased person and enlighten the soul with the path ahead.

  5. ‘May the blessings of the Light be shed upon you, Light without and within you. And throughout your path, you may kindly greet from them you meet on the road’.

    The prayers depict a concern for the departed soul where God is prayed for showing the perfect path to the soul and may their journey be joyous.

  6. ‘May there be a great welcome for you in the home that you are going to. You are not going to a place that is not known to you. You are going to the home that you have never left. You belong to that place. May you have a purpose of living your life again.

    This prayer consoles the soul to live in a new world fearlessly. The departed soul is told that they are going to where they have come from.

  7. ‘All is well. Nothing has been harmed; nothing has been lost. One short moment and all will be the same as it was before. How shall we laugh at the trouble we face when we are next meeting?

    This prayer has a composition of a poem. The prayer is blessed with the artistic effect with the best prayer for the departed soul.

  8. ‘May the Christ be with me, be after me, be before me, be at my right and my left. May I do everything for the Christ’?

    This prayer can be recited on behalf of the deceased person so that the dead person follows the path of God.

  9. ‘May the God Lord like you, but after some time and not anytime soon.

    This is a funny prayer that you can recite for your friend or someone very close to you and have a friendly relationship. This prayer must be used very carefully and avoided at skeptical funerals. An Irish blessing death says words like these at funerals very often.


If an Irish person says that he will do something, he will do it at the earliest and beautifully. We are here to share with you Irish blessing funerals of loved ones. These blessings will help the living and will soothe their minds after a loss. These verses will further motivate the people and make your loved ones stronger. 

The blessing can help people feel relieved and gather the strength they need. An Irish blessing death is a way to give hope to the feelings that have been lost. It is a great motivation to express your sorrow in words and make your loved one proud of you.