Funeral Attire Ideas: What To Wear To A Funeral?

Funeral Attire Ideas for the loss of Your Loved One

Funerals are important occasions where you have to dress accordingly. Traditionally, people wear an all-black attire in funerals, but today’s standards no longer demand it. It is crucial to arrive well-dressed at a funeral to respect the deceased individuals and their loved ones. It is not mandatory to wear all-black clothing to a funeral now, but opting for dark muted colors is always ideal. In this article, we will explore funeral attire ideas.

Ideas for Men

Men have a wide range of options, from suits to shirts. Traditionally it is ideal for men to wear a black suit with a tie. This attire is a safe bet in any funeral and other formal events. If the family does not specify the dress code or color, go for a suit with a dark shade. Black, navy, and charcoal shades are the best for funeral attire. Here are other options you can choose from when going to a funeral. 

  • Wear slacks with a button-down shirt, preferably with a vest. 
  • Pair a golf or Polo shirt with slacks. 
  • Wear a sweater with slacks. 
  • For footwear, pick among boots, loafers, or dress shoes for a funeral. 

There are also some things men should avoid wearing at a funeral like jeans, sneakers, shorts, baseball caps, non-colored/sleeveless shirts, tennis shoes or sandals, etc.

Sometimes, people may not require you to dress in traditional attire. When the host does not specify the dress code, it is always ideal to choose a culture-appropriate look.

Ideas for Women

Women have more funeral attire ideas than men, due to which it is also hard to choose one style. This article lists all the available options and helps you understand some dos and don’ts of funeral attire.

Wear any of the following outfits in a subdued color palette and are appropriate at a funeral.

  • Pant/skirt suits
  • Funeral dresses 
  • Skirt/slacks with blouse/sweater
  • Closed-toe shoes with small/no heels

Pair these outfits with modest accessories like pearl strands. Always ensure that your style does not stand out or make too much of a statement during a funeral. Avoid wearing things that look immodest or revealing clothes like crop-tops, high stilettos, short skirts and dresses, form-fitting clothing, etc. Do not wear casual attire, athletic wear, sundresses, shorts, denim, flip flops, or tennis shoes.

For Children

Avoid dressing them in stand-out prints or silly patterns. Choose solid colors with a comfortable fabric so that the child does not feel irritated during the funeral. The last thing you want at any funeral is a crying child complaining about their dress.

Consider These Things When Attending A Funeral

How is The Climate?

If the weather is warm and sunny, fabrics like cotton on linen. Instead of wearing caps and revealing clothes, carry an umbrella to shield yourself against sunlight. If you have to attend the funeral in winter, add a layer of clothing such as a traditional coat or a cardigan. 

Is it a Traditional Funeral Service or a Memorial?

You can wear informal attire during memorial services or celebrations of life. However, remember to stick to formal clothes in a traditional graveside funeral or visiting a viewing service. It is acceptable to dress casually if the host mentions it. Mostly, wearing casual clothes and arriving with an unkempt look is impolite at a funeral. Even if your host allows you to wear casual clothes, make sure to look groomed for the occasion.

What are The Cultural Preferences of The Family of the Deceased Individual?

Every culture holds funeral services differently. For example, Jewish funeral traditions are diverse than Catholic or Muslim cultures, due to which they follow a different dress code. Every person attending the funeral must respect the cultural significance of the family. Some cultures have other color codes for funeral services, due to which you should always pay attention to their traditional background.

Funerals are bittersweet events where everyone should be sensitive to their surroundings. Dressing nice is the least someone can do to pay respects to the family and the deceased individual. Ensure to choose traditional and culturally appropriate funeral dresses when the host does not specify the dress code.