Did Someone Die In Your House? Here’s How to Find Out?

Find deaths in my house history free

Imagine having a dream house filled with all the amenities. Sounds good? Well, everyone desires to own a house where they can live peacefully. But what if the house is haunted or some paranormal activities are occurring at the place? It is horrible, and nobody wants to live in such places. But, the thing that a potential owner of a house can do is search for the death history of the House.

When we grow at a house, we become very familiar with that House. If any paranormal activity occurs, it usually goes unnoticed. Old houses are squeaky. People living in that House become accustomed to odd sounds. Though it seems normal, it is not normal. Usually, friendly ghosts don’t create any hindrances to the residents.

All old houses are not haunted and scary. In some old houses, there might be a person who died. It is a ghoulish thought to assume ghosts or a soul wandering in the House. But being a potential owner, you should verify these things.

Impact of a Death in a House

We all have seen movies where families buy a beautiful big house at a lower price. The price is so attractive that no one can ignore it. But what happens next? We all know what will happen next. The adversity starts hitting.

But movies are based on a hypothetical situation. Nothing happens for real other than psychological effects. The mind starts asking questions. People start doubting, and as a result, they ignore the property.

A stigma develops about the property, and it is often known as a ‘haunted house,’ so the property gets devalued.

How to Find Out If someone has died in the House?

Now the main question comes into the picture. How to find out whether someone has died in the House or not? It is a tricky question, but that’s what this blog is for. So let’s dive into the main concern of this blog.

1. Web Search:

This is the easiest way. Multiple websites can help you in finding your requirements. These websites have a database of 100s of millions of death certificates, news about death, and police records. The website you’ll be opting for will have a filter where you can enter the location and other specific information. 

2. Ask the Neighbours:

We all know that people are more interested in the house affairs of their neighbors. Well, it’s just a joke. Neighbors and other people living nearby the property have accurate information about such houses. Especially suspicious information is present with them. 

So neighbors might help you find whether the House has faced any death or not. 

3. Do Your Research:

This is the most accurate way. Suppose you are buying a house which is approximately 70 years old. On average, 20% of people die in their own House. 70 years is a big-time, so there is no chance that House had zero deaths. 

So if you find any house suspicious of some paranormal activities, do your research. Census data are not available publicly, which restricts direct interaction with the data. But you can request the concerned authority for the information. 


However, after all this research and hard work, your local library or historical society archives may be more useful than the census records if you’re still not satisfied. These places have a collection of local newspapers or other valuable documents. The librarians can also be a resource for you as they can direct you in the right direction. 

The human mind is curious. It does not settle down unless something close to the curiosity comes to the knowledge. However, it gives mental satisfaction, which is very important. Every potential owner has the moral right to know past details about the property. However, this is not a legal right. Therefore you have to conduct research of your own. This research might cost you some amount, but at least you’ll have the peace.