How To Prepare a Letter of Last Instruction for End-of-Life Wishes?

Letter of Last Instruction for End-of-Life Wishes

Life is very uncertain, and we all know that we have to die one day. Then why not die peacefully? We all have wishes that we want to get accomplished after our death. We must get our final wishes documented for these wishes to be accomplished. It is the best way to get all our wishes fulfilled even when we die. 

The next question that comes to our mind is how to create a letter of last instruction to fulfill our wishes? This article will guide all its readers about the process of creating a letter of last instruction for End-of-Life Wishes

Let Your Final Wishes Be Known

The best way to let your family know about your last wishes is to get them documented in the form of instruction. This document must be separate from your Will or Trust. 

In this document, you must mention all your wishes to get accomplished after your life. But while making these instructions, make sure that your family can fulfill them. Please don’t include anything which is beyond their means to complete it. However, to be more specific with your last instruction, we list things that can be included in your instruction list.

Have a look at the following list:

  1. The place for your final services,
  2. Who should be notified about your death,
  3. Whether you want a funeral or memorial service,
  4. If you wish to be cremated or buried,
  5. If you have set aside some money for your funeral expenses, then where it is,
  6. If you are to be buried then where you want to be buried, or if cremated where you would like your ashes stored. 

Follow these instructions while preparing your final arrangements. It will make your process much easier and help you make the best final arrangement instructions. 

Where to Record Your Final Wishes?

When people say something about your final wishes, the first thing that comes into mind is the Will or Trust. It is good to have a Will or a revocable Trust established during one’s lifetime. It is where you record how you want to get your property distributed after your death. But you also need to create a separate document detailing your funeral arrangements. After this, inform your family members about your last wishes so that they can be fulfilled after your death. 

You can also store your final arrangements electronically. Applications such as parting wishes, Afternote, and the Last Wishes can help you keep your documents safely. You can store your will, funeral arrangements, and estate planning documents in the application.

Sometimes people do not prefer to write their last wishes or get them documented. In such cases, they must tell their final arrangement wishes to their loved ones. Tell them what you want to happen when you die. This is very simple; you have to gather the courage to tell this to your family members. This will also help them to release their stress after your death. 


The final arrangement contains end-of-life wishes. When someone dies, their loved one does all the things as per the likes and dislikes of the deceased because they don’t have specific ideas. 

Preparing final arrangements or a list of final wishes can be difficult. But, it makes things easier for your family after your passing. So get your final wishes recorded or stored electronically.