What Is The Difference Between Cemetery And Graveyard?

Cemetery vs Graveyard: Differences and Similarities

There has been confusion between a graveyard and a cemetery since time immemorial. People often use them interchangeably and synonymously. But the two things are different. This confusion is present due to the close essence of both places. Both of them are used for the same purpose; however, their locations are completely different and differentiated on the same basis. There has been a constant debate over Cemetery vs Graveyard.

We will try to conclude the debate with this blog. So to understand the difference deeply, let us first look at the similarities between the two. 

Similarities between a Cemetery and a Graveyard:

The cemetery is a significant burial ground, and so is the Graveyard. Both the places are used to bury the dead bodies. This is the similarity between the two. This similarity between the two has led to the use of both as synonyms. 

Well, this is the only similarity. So now, let us proceed further with this topic of Cemetery vs Graveyard.

Difference between a Cemetery and a Graveyard:

In everyday speech, the words cemetery and graveyards are used conversely. Traditionally, graveyards are run and managed by the Church authority and are attached to a church or chapel. However, cemeteries, on the other hand, are run by the council, which welcomes people from all religions and has flexible rules related to headstones.

In graveyards, only Christians can be buried. There are no such restrictions with the cemetery.

In cemeteries, rules related to headstones are less rigid. There are size and material requirements, but typically, they accept most of the stones. In most of the cemetery’s buildings, a nondescript religious establishment has a prayer room and a crematorium. 

Both in graveyards and cemeteries, maintenance of the memorial is done by the responsible person. Also, at both places, fees to install a headstone is charged. 

Primarily, cemeteries are more beautiful adorned with natural plants and grass. Therefore cemeteries are a more favorable place to bury a dead body. The serene environment with colorful flowers of the cemeteries attracts people. Another reason for preferring cemeteries is their calm nature. This makes it a place where visitors of the departed person can meditate with birds chirping around.

The graveyards are associated with the taint that these places are adorned with dead trees, and the greenery is absent. The image of a cemetery is a place where dead bodies are buried in a disorganized manner. This gives the Graveyard an impression of an overcrowded burial spot. Therefore, people prefer cemeteries for burying dead bodies more. 


It is therefore clear that a cemetery and a graveyard are different. The distinction can now easily be made between the two. The debate over the cemetery vs Graveyard can now be explained with good credits. 

The clarification above clarifies the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard. I hope the readers were able to grasp the content smoothly. The ambiguous nature of both places has created confusion among the people. However, nature is confusing, and still, many people confuse between a cemetery and a graveyard.