Eulogy – The Most Common Definition

Eulogy - The Most Common Definition

It is an honor to give a eulogy at someone’s funeral. Being asked to give a eulogy speech means you were memorable for the deceased person. It is a crucial responsibility with a lot of pressure.When you give a speech, you address several people and their sentiments. Writing a speech is a daunting task, but this article is here to help you.

What is A Eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech given in honor of the deceased person at the funeral. If you read this article, it probably means someone asked you to give a eulogy at a funeral. Below are a few helpful tips to assist you while writing a eulogy speech.

Find its Purpose

On the surface, the purpose of a eulogy is to honor the deceased person and their memories. However, the hidden objective is to assist the collective grieving process of the person’s loved ones. It is crucial to remain mindful of their sentiments when giving a eulogy speech. While talking, you have the power of storytelling and narration to help the grieving process of the crowd. Ensure that your eulogy speech helps people reflect on the time spent with their deceased loved one. Here are some stories you can include in your eulogy to make it close and personal.

  • Memorable incidents from the life of the deceased person.
  • The story of your relationship with the person.
  • A story of how that person influenced and inspired your life.
  • A story about their achievements.
  • Memories about the person that you get out from other people.

Who Is The Right Candidate?

Anyone close to the deceased person can give a eulogy and the funeral. There are no rules as to who should give a eulogy speech. Sometimes people close to the individual find it hard to talk in public. You can elect anyone who is good at speaking and can connect with the audience personally through the speech. The only thing that matters is that it helps people relieve emotional pain.

Five Steps For Writing The Perfect Eulogy

Writing and eulogy is an emotional experience for everyone. It is the responsibility of honoring the deceased person’s memory. If someone approaches you to write a eulogy, remember that person found you worthy of writing one. You have a good voice and a lot of good words to tell the audience, which is why the person approached you. Here are five ways to help you create the perfect eulogy. 

  • Accommodate The Feelings Of The Audience

Remember to assume responsibility for the audiences’ sentiments when giving a eulogy speech. It is best to avoid anything negative or any story that could shock the audience. 

  • Select The Tone

A eulogy speech does not always have to be sad; it can also be humorous. Choose the tone depending upon the cause of demise, the person’s life story, your relationship with them, and the audience. On some occasions, you could even add a couple of funny stories about the individual. The bottom line is to select a tone that can help the audience the most.

  • Include Basic Information

Structure your speech with a beginning, middle, and end, and ensure bringing that structure while giving the eulogy. There is no one way to write it, but it is always polite to introduce yourself to the audience before beginning it. Tell the audience about your relationship with the deceased person and how you became close to them. 

  • Include Stories

Humans relate with one another through stories of life, due to which they are the perfect little auditions in a eulogy. Add some emotional stories about the deceased person to connect with the audience. Include a funny story to lighten up the mood now and then. 

  • Add Quotes

Opening and finishing quotes can improve your eulogy ten times. They can efficiently summarize the personality of the individual.

Lastly, remember to keep the eulogy short and sweet. Always practice the speech before appearing before the audience. That way, you can ensure that you deliver it perfectly and touch the hearts of your audience.