Why do you need a Medical Power of Attorney

Why do you need a Medical Power of Attorney

Various things in life need to be decided in advance, but none more so than a medical power of attorney. This is a legal instrument that allows you to select the person that you want to make healthcare decisions for you if and when you become unable to make them for yourself.

Medical Power of Attorney can also be referred to as an advance health care directive or living will which is only related to the decisions made for your medical care and health.


There are many reasons why you need the medical power of attorney because you never know when an emergency may arise and it will be needed. This document is crucial because in it you designate who will make decisions for you or manage your finances while you’re of sound mind and body, or should you become mentally or physically incapacitated. The person you pick becomes your representative. This individual is known as your agent.

One of the great benefits of why you need a medical power of attorney is its flexibility and convenience. When your medical power of attorney takes effect and the powers that you grant your agent can be as broad or as narrow as you choose.


This legal document is essential for everyone especially to people who don’t understand the need and criticality. These groups of people include Young adults, international students, immigrants, etc.

Preparing to move to college can be an uncertain time whether your child is moving a thousand miles or just a mile away. It’s easy to ignore things with so much to do. For instance, if something should happen to your child at school while he or she is out of the country (such as a severe car accident during a semester abroad), a medical power of attorney can empower you to make medical decisions for your child.

Anyone over 18 years of age (young adults) needs a medical power of attorney. This is because you never know when a health care emergency is going to occur. When a young adult is hospitalized with severe injuries, unforeseen problems can arise. If critical decisions must be made, hospitals may not be able to consider those parental wishes.

As an immigrant, there is need to Keep original identity & personal documents in a safe place. Ensure you make and store copies where someone you trust can access them if you’re detained. This document can help a lawyer figure out if you’ve any legal defenses against deportation. Consider allowing someone you trust to have access to your medical information in case they need it to help your legal case. If adequate measures are not taken, situations like this can quickly escalate into nasty court cases. On the other hand, with a medical power of attorney, the problem can be taken care of before it ever occurs.

A Power of Attorney is also necessary for eligible couples, who live together when a partner became unable and incapacitated to make decisions. The law normally assigns the incapacitated person’s next of kin as the decision maker when this occurs; With a Power of Attorney, unmarried couples can give their partners the power to make decisions.


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