Why is Advance Directive Important in End of Life Planning?

include Advance directive in end of life planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that life is uncertain and has highlighted the importance of having plans in place of navigating the unknown. One of the best ways to have a plan is by creating an Advance Directive.

An Advance Directive is a legal document that tells your health care providers what kind of care you want if you are too ill to tell them yourself. It basically acts as a guide for your family members and doctors in case you are terminally ill or seriously injured.

If you are wondering if Advance Directives are really that important? Then, here are a few points that will help you understand its importance.

Provides Peace of Mind

As we age, we might get to a point where we can’t make decisions for ourselves. However, aging is not the only case where we might not be able to decide our medical care choices. This could happen in the case of terminal illness, chronic disease, or severe injury too.

Thinking about all these can be daunting. But, an Advance directive will help you be prepared for such events. It is a written legal document that outlines your medical and healthcare choices. And, through an Advance Directive, your family would know your choices even when you are too ill to express them.

Thus, it offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones no matter what the future holds.It specifies the kind of end-of-life care you want, how much your family should be involved in your end-of-life care, and any other wishes regarding your healthcare.

Eliminates Confusions and Conflicts

Without proper planning decisions concerning end-of-life care are often accompanied by confusion and conflicts There can be conflicts regarding whether to continue or discontinue certain medical treatments. Other issues may include the choice of guardian for senior citizens and the type of treatment and medication to be pursued.

Very often, different family members have different opinions on what would be the best course of action. Such confusion may lead to conflict among family members. But, an advance directive will go a long way in eliminating any such conflict as the person has already expressed their wishes for the kind of care or treatment they want.

Positively Impacts the Quality of Life

An Advance Directive will ensure good quality of life by outlining your wishes regarding end-of-life care. With the wishes stated in the advance directive, you can avoid unnecessary hospitalization, ineffective treatment, and unwanted medical procedure. It allows you to get the best end-of-life care.

Reduces a lot of stress

It’s quite a stressful situation when your family members are forced to decide what kind of treatments you would want without knowing your healthcare preferences. In such situations, an Advance Directive can be the savior. It will reduce their burden, as they will know exactly what your preferences are.

An Advance Directive is an important tool when it comes to ensuring the kind of care you wish for. It eliminates any potential conflicts and improves your end-of-life experience.