Ultimate Women’s Safety Items for Travel

Women’s Safety Items for Travel

Women always have to be way more careful than men while traveling anywhere. Even if it is the safest country for women, you still need to remain cautious. 

These are some safety items for women that will assist and give you peace of mind and protect you as you explore the world.

Small Flashlight

Carrying a small flashlight is a must when strolling around alone at night. But why can’t you just use your phone? all phones have flashlights. The reason is that the phone could either be out of charge or you could be draining its charge. Either way,  a separate flashlight conveniently fits your purse is great. 

Aside from that helping to light your way, it enables you to see the path so that you do not trip over anything and makes criminals less inclined to take advantage of you. Many bright flashlights can affix to your chain or bag.

Personal Alarm

You will inevitably come across shady areas and dark alleys during your travels, and even though we try to avoid them as much as we can, it sometimes becomes inevitable. You can carry personal alarms or whistles that you can move around your neck to alert people that you are in distress. It also deters away suspicious people as you attract a lot of attention to yourself due to the personal alarm.   

Doorstopper alarm

Staying alone in a hotel can be scary and intimidating, especially as a woman. One of the biggest concerns that women seem to have is that many hotels either have extra keycards or the door can be accessed with a doorstopper alarm under your door alerts. It alerts you with a loud alarm if an intruder tries to gain access to your room. 

Tip: Even if you do not have an alarm, women often use the ironing board in a hotel or even heavy bags behind their doors that no one can enter. 


The classic tool for women’s safety worldwide is pepper spray. Even if you try and avoid every possible risky situation, there are times you may come face to face with dangerous circumstances where people want to cause you harm. If you pepper spray someone, it gives you the perfect opening to escape those situations. Pepper sprays are now available in several sizes and can be attached to the side of bags, purses, and even wallets for easy access.


Originally designed to be a police weapon to detain criminals is now one of the most used women’s safety tools.  Tasers are little devices produced from electric shock to stop any person trying to cause you harm. Tasers do not cause any permanent damage but produce a substantial shock for a certain period allowing you to escape. Tasers Come in various packaging so that you can carry them with you without anyone realizing it is a taser. Sometimes tasers can look like phones or even lipstick.  you can easily attach them to your bag or purse to ensure that you have easy access. 

 Portable hotel door & drawer travel lock 

This portable lock allows you to add extra protection to your hotel room door at night.

You can also use it to lock a drawer inside the hotel room for your valuables when you’re staying somewhere without a safe.

We all like to think that our belongings are safe in our hotel rooms, but I’ve heard countless stories from friends about money, jewelry, cameras, and other belongings being taken from suitcases.

Lock it up and take the key with you while you go out.

Portable lock

Portable locks are crucial whenever and wherever you travel. Multiple times, your bags contain a lot of value that you cannot carry around all the time. For those instances, locking your bags with a portable lock is an intelligent decision as it hinders and deters away bag snatchers. You can also bring portable locks that you can attach to your hotel room door at night as an extra level of protection.  women are often easy targets for bag theft so to add a level of safety ensure that not only are your bags locked before you leave but ensure to have the keys on you at all times to avoid losing them. 

The ultimate thing to take while traveling is your Emergency Card. Now you must be wondering what an emergency card must be. It is the one card that can potentially save your life. Imagine yourself on a trip; there are unfortunate times when we can be part of an accident, or maybe we can lose consciousness due to multiple reasons like high heat, dehydration, etc. Mishaps don’t take long to occur. With an Emergency card, you and your family can stay secure. Clocr’s Emergency Card is the fastest, easiest way to reach your emergency contacts if you are in an emergency situation and cannot speak for yourself. The Emergency Card allows a first responder or good Samaritan to reach your emergency contacts instantly. 

You might think that you have plenty of SOS devices or ways to contact your emergency contacts on your phone, but phones can run out of battery and get damaged or have a lock that can make it difficult for first responders to access. Now you may wonder about the privacy of it all. No contact numbers are exposed; our system directly contacts the first responder. They are easy to carry, like another card in your wallet while traveling.

With the Emergency card, you can always stay secure in an emergency. Try out Clocr’s Emergency Card for free today with our limited-time offer!

Therefore, next time you are out on a trip, ensure that you have all the travel essentials for women.