10 All-Time Travel Essentials You Should Never Forget

Travel Essentials You Should Never Forget

Planning a trip is fun, from flights to hotels to places where you want to go sightseeing, but do you know the most tedious part of the entire process, packing. Now don’t get me wrong, planning and packing your favorite outfit or even your favorite gadgets can be fun, but do you know how hard it is to remember the essentials. There are multiple who have gone halfway towards the airport and have realized they forgot something crucial. To avoid being that person, we have chosen the top ten things to take while traveling that you should never forget. 


Chargers are among the top things people tend to forget when packing for a trip. It is 2022; we all know we wouldn’t survive if our phone died. Your phone is also essential for communication, whether with your family or fellow travel buddies. Also, nowadays, almost all our reservations and bookings are on your phone. So the prospect of your phone dying because you didn’t bring your charger can be scary. So no matter where you go, a weekend trip, a road trip, or backpack across Europe. The number one essential is your charger; you do not want to forget. 

Pro Tip: always carry a portable charger for emergencies. Also, if you are traveling abroad, bring an international adapter, just in case. 

Mini First Aid Kit

Have you ever been on a trip where you get injured? It dampens the entire mood and causes people to worry. A mini first aid kit is the best measure you can take. No one gets hurt willingly, but the best thing you can do is have a first aid kit handy for situations such as these. These are a few things you can keep in handy, a few bandaids, some antiseptic cream, maybe some pain relief gel, some medicines that cure stomach ache, fever, and all of those pesky things that can ruin someone’s trip. Having a mini first aid kit saves you and helps your travel companion. 

Pro Tip: Do not forget to carry your medication. That is very important too!

Sanitizer and Extra Masks

We used to live in such a different world before 2020—no worries about the mask, no fear of catching the big virus. But here we are in 2022, where it has become a part of your lives, albeit unwillingly. Even though the scenario has improved, we still have to wear masks in airports, banks, malls, stores, or any place considered a public space. This measure is in place to ensure the safety of others, so keeping a few extra masks handy is an intelligent choice. As for sanitizer, germs have always existed. Keeping a sanitizer is always a must-have when you do not have running water available to wash your hands.         


This one should be a no-brainer, but there are still people who tend to forget about the essential item when they are traveling. If you are traveling by airplane, you cannot, by any circumstance, forge the single most important document. Our advice on how not to forget your passport is to have a last-minute travel checklist such as this is to check if you are carrying everything. A pre-trip thing you should always do is check whether your passport is expired or is about to be expired.   


Without this item, you will not be able to go far. No matter where you are traveling, having your wallet is crucial. It carries your cash and cards, but it is also where people tend to store most of their ids like driver’s licenses and other essential documents. One thing that one should keep in mind while traveling is always to keep a bit of cash handy along with your debit or credit card, as you never know which is preferred in a particular destination.

Pro Tip: If you are traveling abroad, carry the nation’s currency. Do not rely on exchange machines as they might charge you a higher conversion rate. They can even be hard to locate for tourists. 

Good Walking Shoes

There are times when we get too carried away planning an outfit that we do not consider the terrain of a location. Your heels may look great with your outfit, but you will do your feet a favor if you take your good walking shoes. Travelling often constitutes a lot of walking; even if you are going on the most luxurious holiday, walking around the airport in uncomfortable shoes can be painful. Even if you are more of a road trip person, you do not want to be uncomfortable while traveling. No one wants a blister or bruise, no thanks to their shoe. Think of your feet and take your good walking shoes on the next trip. 


I could have said toiletries, but most of us already measure out our 100ml and put it in our clear bag; one of the essential toiletries that we often tend to miss out on can be our very own toothbrush. It is understandable why we forget; your toothbrush is one of the last things you pack. You brush your teeth for your ride to the airport, and instead of putting them in the toiletries bag, you put them in the holder. Call it a force of habit. But you do not want to have stinky breath on your vacation, so make sure that you have packed your toothbrush. 


Do you know how harsh the sun is nowadays and how much damage UV rays can do to your skin? Prolonged sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. While traveling, keep your sunscreen in your handbag or backpack, especially when traveling toward the beach or a hotter climate. But even if you are visiting the hillside, that does not exempt you from needing sunscreen. Even if the sun is hiding behind the clouds, the Uv rays are still present to cause your skin some damage. 

Pro Tip: Dermatologists usually recommend reapplying your sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

Neck Pillow

Whether it be a long plane ride or a car, bus, or train ride, your back and neck can feel sore. A neck pillow can be the answer to all your problems. A neck pillow prevents you from having to keep your head in an odd position. Get rest on your neck pillow and catch up on the sleep you miss. 

Pro Tio: You can find inflatable neck pillows to fit in limited spaces.

The ultimate thing to take while traveling is your Emergency Card. Now you must be wondering what an emergency card must be. It is the one card that can potentially save your life. Imagine yourself on a trip; there are unfortunate times when we can be part of an accident, or maybe we can lose consciousness due to multiple reasons like high heat, dehydration, etc. Mishaps don’t take long to occur. With an Emergency card, you and your family can stay secure. Clocr’s Emergency Card is the fastest, easiest way to reach your emergency contacts if you are in an emergency situation and cannot speak for yourself. The Emergency Card allows a first responder or good Samaritan to reach your emergency contacts instantly. 

You might think that you have plenty of SOS devices or ways to contact your emergency contacts on your phone, but phones can run out of battery and get damaged or have a lock that can make it difficult for first responders to access. Now you may wonder about the privacy of it all. No contact numbers are exposed; our system directly contacts the first responder. They are easy to carry, like another card in your wallet while traveling.

With the Emergency card, you can always stay secure in an emergency. Try out Clocr’s Emergency Card for free today with our limited-time offer!

Never forget these things to take while traveling. With these items all packed, you are all set to go on that trip you were planning for. Relax, unwind and most importantly, always stay safe at all times.