Important Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

Solo Female Travel Safety Tips for Travel Enthusiasts

Do you plan on traveling solo? Solo travel can be one of the most liberating and fantastic ways to travel.  But traveling solo as a woman can be a point of anxiety for some women. We do not live in a utopian world; therefore, there are certain aspects where women need to exercise caution before heading on for their best solo trip. 

Here are the top ten solo female safety tips for travel bugs.

Do your Research

Doing research is one of the most important things to do even before starting your trip. Preparation is the best form of protection for any solo female traveler. Research your destination and have a proper understanding of what danger you might face as a woman. There are multiple safety indexes available to overview and obtain reliable data. You should also do substantial research within the solo female travel community, both online and in real life. The information that you will garner from some of their first-hand experience will help you understand all things you should avoid.

Protect Your Documents

Your documents are singlehandedly the most important thing on your trip. Always make sure to keep your documents, such as your passport and other identification details, in a secure location or better on you at all times to prevent the risk of misplacing them. In the worst-case scenario, if in case your passport is lost, ensure you have copies of anything important such as your passport, driver’s license, all your bookings, and your travel insurance card, and keep that away from the originals. Reporting them stolen or missing would be easier with these items. 

Have A Digital Copy

Always have a backup of your back. If you lose both the original and the copy, the best back is to mail yourself the documents. Since mail is accessible as long as you have the internet, you will be able to retrieve them easily. Include details and copies of your credit cards in case they are misplaced. With that, you will still be able to sustain yourself as you could make payments with multiple online apps like apple pay and more before canceling the card altogether (Although we recommend reporting your card stolen as soon as possible).

Share Your Itinerary With Someone You Trust

Leaving behind a detailed itinerary with all your information, such as bookings and the places you are traveling to is a wise decision.  Leave it with people you can trust and can contact quickly at all times, like your parents, your partner, or a best friend. At least let your closest contacts, such as your best friend or roommate, knowledge is essential, as they will be able to inform you in case there is an emergency at home or if something happens in the destination they know you’re traveling in. They can even alert local authorities if a situation such as that arises. This measure is not just for your safety but also in case something happens to a loved one, and your family needs to reach out to you. 

Leave All Your Passwords

For the worst-case scenarios, you can leave behind your passwords with a trusted friend if you go missing. The passwords can help in tracking your last movements and online activity. It can also be helpful if you are stuck with no access to the internet but need an issue resolved. You can make a phone call to your friend and check the online status regarding a particular booking. Consider including the passwords to your bank accounts in case of financial emergencies. Always leave these details with a trusted friend or family only. You can utilize items such as the digital vault, such as Clocr’s ultra-secure digital vault, to share all your documents in a safe and encrypted manner.

Share Your Location

One of the best solo female travel safety tips is to install a tracking app so that a trusted person can track your location. Apps such as Google Maps allow you to share your location with others for free. You can also choose who and how long you want to share your location to maintain your privacy. Please note: Some countries or locations don’t support location sharing or tracking (e.g., Kosovo, Albania, etc.). You can download a safety app supported in those countries, such as UrSafe, which has coverage pretty much everywhere in the world and allows you to share location and call for help in case of distress. 

Take Your Emergency Card With You

Accidents can happen at any time; it does not matter if you are in your home country or somewhere abroad; having an emergency can save you from life-threatening situations. 

The ultimate thing to take while traveling is your Emergency Card. Now you must be wondering what an emergency card must be. It is the one card that can potentially save your life. Imagine yourself on a trip; there are unfortunate times when we can be part of an accident, or maybe we can lose consciousness due to multiple reasons like high heat, dehydration, etc. Mishaps don’t take long to occur. With an Emergency card, you and your family can stay secure. Clocr’s Emergency Card is the fastest, easiest way to reach your emergency contacts if you are in an emergency situation and cannot speak for yourself. The Emergency Card allows a first responder or good Samaritan to reach your emergency contacts instantly. 

You might think that you have plenty of SOS devices or ways to contact your emergency contacts on your phone, but phones can run out of battery and get damaged or have a lock that can make it difficult for first responders to access. Now you may be concerned regarding the privacy of it all. No contact numbers are exposed; our system directly contacts the first responder. They are easy to carry, like another card in your wallet while traveling. 

With all these solo female travel safety tips, remain worry-free and explore the location you have been craving to visit.