Who Needs Digital Legacy Planning?

everyone needs digital legacy

Today, we all have active digital life that is an essential part of our day-to-day life. We spend hours browsing the internet, attending educational courses online, sending emails, uploading documents to cloud storage, and computing social media. This is why Digital Legacy Planning is becoming essential, it helps safeguard your Digital Assets.

Especially, amidst this global pandemic, when life is becoming so uncertain it’s best to be prepared. Your Digital Assets such as social media accounts, documents in cloud storage, online banking accounts, etc become vulnerable to online fraud after your death.

Anybody who is active on social media, uses cloud storage, has online shopping accounts, or uses online banking has some form of Digital Assets. For instance, the older generation might not be on social media but they might be active on other Digital Platforms such as cloud storage services or Ebook services.

But, if we look at millennials, GenZ, and influencers, they have a highly active Digital Life. Baby boomers and boomers too have Digital Assets in some way or the other. This is why no matter what age group you belong to, you need Digital Legacy Planning.

Thus, we can say that Digital Legacy Planning is essential for everyone. Additionally, it ensures your loved ones can access these valuables even after your demise. So, let’s see how Digital Legacy Planning helps people from different age groups.

Digital Legacy Planning for senior citizens

Senior citizens are mostly unaware of the importance of Digital Legacy Planning. However, planning their Digital Legacy will not only safeguard their Digital Assets but will keep their memories alive even when they die. They can leave behind letters and stories for their future generations as well.

Digital Legacy Planning for Millennials

Millennials are often protective of their privacy. This is why they need Digital Legacy Planning. By planning their Digital Legacy they can decide what Digital Data (emails, photos, videos, cloud storage, etc.) they want to share and choose a Digital Executor who can access them. This will ensure their privacy is respected even after their demise.

Digital Legacy planning for influencers

Influencers have a proactive Digital Life which is why they need Digital Legacy Planning. It will help them plan their Digital Afterlife to secure their online data and their digital life. Moreover, appointing a Digital Executor will ensure their Digital Legacy is well managed after their death.

Clocr’s is a one-stop solution for senior citizens, millennials, GenZ, baby boomers, and influencers. We offer Time Capsule to store and secure your Digital Assets. And, the best part is you can share them with your loved ones as and when you wish to.