3 Ways To Protect Your Digital Assets Via Digital Legacy Planning

digital legacy planning to protect assets

In today’s world, Digital Legacy Planning is becoming vital. The Internet has become a necessity as most of us spend several hours a day on the internet sharing memories, shopping online, connecting with our loved ones, learning new courses, and much more.

Having a digital life also means having some sort of Digital Assets. And, creating a Digital Legacy Plan secures your digital life and digital assets even after your death. Thus, here are three ways to protect your Digital Assets through planning your Digital Legacy.

1. Include a list of all your Digital Assets

Before you start planning your Digital Legacy, make sure to create a list of all your Digital Assets. This helps in creating a solid legacy plan for all your online data and assets. Moreover, it ensures all your Digital Assets are secured even after your death.

If you are confused about what to add to a Digital Asset inventory, then we got you! Here are a few things that you can include:

  • Financial Services such as checking/savings bank accounts, digital wallets, etc.
  • Email Accounts and the emails itself
  • Social Media Accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Websites, blogs, and domain names
  • Subscriptions accounts such as iTunes, Spotify, ebooks, Netflix, etc.
  • Cloud Storage – documents, photos, etc.
  • Online shopping accounts – Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.

Listing all your Digital Assets may seem a tedious task but it’s important. So, try to include all your online assets while planning your Digital Legacy.

2. Include updated passwords in your Digital Legacy Plan

All your Digital Assets – be it cloud storage or online accounts are password protected. And, it’s important to frequently update their passwords to safeguard them. It means you also need to update their passwords frequently in your Digital Legacy Plan.

Additionally, your loved ones can only access your Digital Assets if your passwords are updated in your Digital Legacy Plan. You may find updating passwords a tiresome process but it is essential when it comes to securing your online assets.

3. Leave instructions/ wishes for your Digital Assets

Digital Legacy Planning allows you to leave instructions for your Digital Assets. You can decide what you want for your online data and leave instructions for your loved ones.

For instance, You can decide to memorialize your Facebook profile and choose a “Legacy Contact”. And, if you want your online accounts to be deleted, you can leave that as instructions as well.

Note: “Legacy Contact” is a feature provided by Facebook. It allows you to choose a person who will manage your memorialized account.

Leaving instructions will help your loved ones know exactly what your wishes are for your Digital Assets, which takes a huge burden off their shoulders. Thus, planning your Digital Legacy will not only secure your online data but will also bring peace to your loved ones.

These were three ways you can ensure security to your Digital Assets through Digital Legacy Planning. So start planning your Digital Legacy today!