3 Ways to Pass on Your Values and Memories Via Digital Legacy

passing on memories via digital legacy

Have you ever wondered if your Digital Legacy Plan could do more than just leaving behind your Digital Assets for your family?

Social media accounts,  cloud storage, online subscription accounts, and online banking or wallets hold a major portion of everyone’s Digital Legacy Plan. It usually comprises passing on Digital Assets after death to keep them secure even after your death. Most often, however, people forget that passing on values and memories is equally necessary to continue being a part of your loved ones’ lives.

Instilling family values in loved ones and sharing your life experiences, while you are alive is easy⁠—discussions over brunches, active contributions in charity events, or something else entirely that is your own.

But what about when you are gone? 

You can continue to be a part of your loved ones’ lives even when you are gone through careful Digital Legacy Planning:

Plan Your Digital Legacy to Suit your Values

While planning your Digital Legacy, have the values you wish to impart to your loved ones at the forefront of your mind. You can do this by adding specific letters and stories about your values (charity, education, family vacations). And, naming a beneficiary that you know would keep these values going.

Say Goodbye with a Legacy Letter

A legacy letter is your final message to your loved ones expressing your life’s learnings, wishes, love, values, and everything else you want to. This is also one of the most honest and personal items you can leave behind through Digital Legacy Planning. You can draft a letter, either electronically or handwritten, and attach it with your Digital Legacy Plan. 

(Remember, this letter is only for you to express your feelings, not to leave instructions to your executor.)

Use a Digital Time Capsule

A Digital Time Capsule will help you capture photos, videos, memories, knowledge, stories, and much more digitally. With Clocr’s time capsule, you can store recorded audio or video messages for your loved ones. Furthermore, you can leave bedtime stories for your grandkids, and last but not least you can even leave apology letters.

So, these were few ways to leave behind your values and memories to your loved ones. Leaving behind memories and creating a Digital Legacy Plan ensures your family has something to cherish even when you are gone.