What is Digital Legacy Planning?

Digital Legacy Planning

A Digital Legacy Planning comprehends your Digital Assets, memories, memorabilia, advice, experiences, life lessons, and knowledge in one place. Like how you store photos and letters in a box that get passed to your friends and family after death, you can pass on your Digital Legacy to your loved ones.

Today, we all have active digital life that is an integral part of our daily routine. We spend several hours browsing the internet, attending educational courses online, sending emails, uploading documents to cloud storage, and computing social media. This is why Digital Legacy Planning is becoming essential, it helps safeguard your digital life.

However, we often fail to think of our Digital Assets (social media accounts, photos, videos, cloud documents, etc.) while Estate Planning. This is because we equate Estate Plans to substantial assets such as money and property. But, Digital Assets are vital too. So, let’s find out how planning your Digital Legacy can help you.

What is the importance of a Digital Legacy Plan?

As we continue to make Digital Assets a part of our everyday lives, planning our Digital Legacy becomes a necessity.

Do you want your online accounts to remain accessible to your beneficiaries after your demise? If yes, who will manage them? If not, what do you want to do with them? These are some questions that might be bothering you.

A Digital Legacy Plan can be the answer to all these questions. It includes instructions as to what should happen to your Digital Assets after your death. This means you can leave instructions for your beneficiaries to manage or close your online accounts after your death.

However, Digital Legacy Planning is more than securing digital assets. You are preserving memories for your loved ones. Your digital memories can help your family members in their grief. In addition, it can be a gift for your future generation to know more about you.

Nobody likes to be forgotten and having a Digital Legacy Plan will ensure your digital life is preserved and you are well remembered.

What can you include in a Digital Legacy Plan?

Here are some of the Digital Assets that can be included in a Digital Legacy Plan:

  • Social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    Online Accounts – Amazon, eBay, Netflix, etc.
  • Personal files (College degrees, professional certificate, and medical documents)
  • Photos and videos – Cloud storage
  • Website domains and personal blogs.
  • Online investment, cryptocurrencies, and bank accounts.

So, you now know what is a Digital Legacy and how it helps preserve precious memories forever. Sign-up at Clocr and we will help you learn more about Digital Legacy Planning and how you can create one.