5 Steps To Prepare A Digital Legacy Plan For Senior Citizens

steps to prepare digital legacy for senior citizen

We all have an active digital life that is an essential part of our life. Regardless of our age, we spend hours browsing the internet, attending webinars, sending emails, uploading documents to cloud storage, sharing photos and videos, and more. This is why having a Digital Legacy Plan is crucial. It helps in securing your digital life even after your death.

If you have a social media account or an online shopping account or you use cloud storage or online banking then, you have some form of Digital Assets. This means Senior Citizens have Digital Assets too. For instance, they may be active on digital platforms such as cloud storage services or Ebook services, and that’s part of their Digital Assets.

Senior citizens are usually unaware of the importance of Digital Legacy Planning. But, planning their Digital Legacy will keep their memories alive even when they die. They can even leave behind letters and stories for their future generations. And, here is how they can create a Digital Legacy Plan.

Steps To Prepare A Digital Legacy Plan

Here are five simple steps to create a Digital Legacy Plan for senior citizens:

1. Listing

The first thing you need to do is create a list of all your Digital Assets. For this, we recommend going through your computer and looking at all your bookmarks, browsing history, and downloaded apps on your computer and smartphones.

After recalling and going through everything, start making a list of all the Digital Assets you want to include in your Digital Legacy Plan.

2. Decide What Happens To Your Account In Your Absence

After creating the list of your Digital Assets you need to decide whether you want to close your online accounts, cancel subscriptions (Amazon, Netflix, etc.), or memorialize them.

Remember, If you decide to cancel or close accounts, make sure you designate someone to consolidate your photos into other storage devices before your account gets deleted. No matter what you decide, make sure your family members have all the necessary information to access your accounts.

3. Choose Your Digital Executor

A Digital Executor is the person who ensures your digital legacy is taken care of, as per your wishes. You can either appoint your Estate Plan’s executor as your Digital Executor or choose a tech-savvy person as your Digital Executor. Make sure they know their way through social media and other online platforms.

4. Legalize Your Digital Legacy

It’s crucial you legitimize your Digital Legacy by making it legal and secure. Some people include it in their existing Will. But, Will becomes public knowledge after your passing, which can be an issue for security reasons. So make sure you save your passwords in a secure place and mention it in your Will.

5. Store and Share Memories with Your Family Members

There are many steps for creating a Digital Legacy Plan but storing and sharing them with your loved ones tops the list.

Clocr’s Time Capsule is an easy solution to store and share your Digital Legacy with your family. Moreover, you can even pass on personalized messages to your loved ones. You can use it to store and share photos, videos, favorite recipes to be passed down to the next generation, and even recorded audio/video messages for your special someone.

Planning your Digital Legacy will secure your Digital Assets and provide peace to your loved ones even after your death. They can revisit your Digital Legacy and relive your memories whenever they want. So, start preparing your Digital Legacy Plan with Clocr today!