How To Prepare Digital Legacy Plan For Influencers

How To Prepare Digital Legacy Plan For Influencers

In the 21st century, and in particular the last decade, globalization has occurred on an exponential scale thanks to the internet. Nowadays, you can find answers to almost any question you have. For entertainment as well as knowledge, the World Wide Web is the place to go. 

As the internet has grown, so has the presence of internet celebrities or ‘influencers’.

With the world going into lockdown because of the pandemic, people have much more free time on their hands and many spend this time watching or listening to the influencers on the internet. 

Naturally, influencers have quite an active Digital Life since most of their content is made available digitally. This means they have plenty of Digital Assets that need to be protected if something were to happen with them. And, creating a Digital Legacy Plan ensures their Digital Assets are protected.

Moreover, the Digital Assets that belong to influencers often possess monetary value. By planning their Digital Legacy they can decide what Digital Data should remain and what should be deleted. For example, an influencer would want all of their content to be erased when they pass away. A Digital Legacy Plan ensures that the wishes of such individuals are carried out even after their death.

So if you are thinking of creating a Digital Legacy Plan for influencers, then here are a few steps to create one.

Steps To Create A Digital Legacy Plan For Influencers

1. Take Inventory Of Your Digital Assets

Most influencers are active across a variety of social media platforms. This is in addition to their primary content creation platform (For example, a Youtuber primarily makes use of Youtube, but they might also use other sites such as Twitter and Instagram to interact with their audience).  

So, it’s best to go through the bookmarks, browsing history, and check all the apps that are downloaded on the computer or smartphones. It is also advised to separate your monetary Digital Assets from your non-monetary Digital Assets.

Once you recall everything, start making a list of all the Digital Assets you want to include in your Digital Legacy.

2. Decide What Happens To Your Account In Your Absence

It’s important to decide what you want to do with your accounts. For example, you can choose to close your online accounts, cancel subscriptions (Amazon, Netflix, etc.), or memorialize them.

For influencers, their content is often a part of their life’s work. So they might wish to preserve their legacy, or because the revenue from their content could be beneficial to their loved ones. You can have your Digital Will state that you wish to preserve your Digital Assets following your death, provided that the service you use also allows it.

3. Analyze Digital Legacy Policies

Before you plan Digital Legacy, make sure you go over the Digital Legacy policies of various sites. For instance, Apple Legacy allows users to designate a contact who can access their account after their demise. Similarly, Facebook Legacy Contact allows users to assign a family member to manage the account after their demise.

4. Choose Your Digital Executor

A Digital Executor is the person who makes sure your wishes are carried out after your demise. Moreover, they ensure your privacy is protected. You can choose a specific individual as a Digital Executor for certain online accounts. 

For example, if you do not want your family members to handle your social media accounts, you can appoint your close friend as a Digital Executor – exclusively for your Social Media sites.

Make sure they are tech-savvy and have knowledge about different digital platforms. The role of a Digital Executor comes with great responsibilities. 

Above all, you should choose someone trustworthy as your executor. This is even more important in the case of influencers since some of their accounts are of interest to the public. As such, you should choose someone who wouldn’t try to take advantage of that publicity as your executor. Creating a Digital Legacy Plan for Influencers is quite different from planning for regular folks.

5. Legalize Your Digital Legacy

It’s important to legitimize your Digital Legacy by making it legal and secure. Some people prefer to include it in their existing Will. However, Will becomes public knowledge after your death, which can cause privacy concerns. 

The other problem with including your Digital Legacy in your Will is you need to keep updating it after every password change. Thus, it’s best to create a Digital Estate Plan. It can keep up with password changes without making your information public.

Now that you’ve learned how to create a Digital Legacy Plan for influencers, sign up with Clocr today to get started on your Digital Estate Plan!