Digital Estate Planning Quiz to find out if you have been Naughty or Nice this year

Digital Estate Planning Quiz

When it comes to planning for your assets, making it to Santa’s Nice list is no child’s play. 

As a holiday special, we have crafted an exclusive Digital Estate Planning quiz for you.

Have you been Naughty or Nice this past year?

Are you going to make it to Santa’s Nice list?

Let’s find out…

NOTE: Hover your mouse pointer over the options. Red means Wrong and Green means Correct. 

Creating a Digital Estate Plan involves

  1. Making a Digital Assets Inventory
  2. Leaving instructions as to what must happen to your Digital Assets after you’re gone
  3. Choosing a Digital Executor
  4. All of the above


A Digital Executor is someone

  1. Who handles your online accounts when you are no longer capable of doing it on your own
  2. Gains access to your social media profile without your permission


Why should you create a plan for your Digital Assets?

  1. To avoid identity theft
  2. To make sure your online accounts are handled as per your wishes
  3. Both a & b


I rarely use my Facebook and Instagram profile so I don’t have to create a Digital Estate Plan to handle them

  • True
  • False


Which of the following is not considered as a Digital Asset?

  1. Online banking account
  2. PayPal account
  3. Crypto
  4. None of the above


What is RUFADAA?

  1. A law that governs a fiduciary’s access to a deceased person’s tangible property
  2. A law that governs a fiduciary’s access to a deceased or incapacitated person’s Digital Assets
  3. Both a & b
  4. None of the above


What is a Digital Will?

  1. A will that is created ‘digitally.’
  2. A will for Digital Assets
  3. None of the above


My external storage drives are not a part of my Digital Assets

  • True
  • False


Who can memorialize a deceased user’s Facebook page?

  1. Legacy Contact
  2. Trusted Contact
  3. Anybody who illegally gains access to the user’s Facebook account
  4. None of the above


I can include passwords of my online accounts in my Will

  • True
  • False


How many did you answer correctly? If your score is above 8, congratulations! You have officially made it to this year’s Santa’s NICE list! 

If your score is 7 or below, worry not. Learn how to create a Digital Estate Plan and ace the test!

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