Digital Estate Planning Checklist

Digital Estate Planning Checklist

Planning ahead for when we are no longer here can help save our family members a great deal of time and money. 

You might have already heard of Digital Estate Planning and might be in the process of creating one. We want our Digital Assets to remain secure, even after our demise. The best way to do this is to formulate an Estate Plan for our Digital Assets – also known as Digital Estate Plan.

Digital Estate Planning can seem tedious, especially when you are listing all your Digital Assets. To make your work easier, we have listed some of the key areas you must pay attention to while creating your Digital Estate Plan

Digital Estate Planning Checklist

Digital Assets Inventory

Social Media Accounts

Facebook Pinterest
Instagram Twitter
Snapchat TikTok
Reddit LinkedIn
Quora Tumblr
YouTube Whatsapp
Messenger WeChat
Viber Medium

Email Accounts

Gmail Yahoo! Mail
Outlook Proton Mail
Zoho Mail AOL
Yandex Mail iCloud Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird GMX

Online Shopping, Subscriptions and Services

Amazon Etsy
eBay Walmart
Target Uber
Alibaba AT & T
Verizon USPS
T-Mobile Barnes & Noble
Gaint Eagle P&G
NBA Store Benetton
Lego Origins
1800Flowers Home Depot
Best Buy Walgreens
Costco Ikea
Zara H&M
GoogleFit USA Today
Forbes Magazine Sprint
Rakuten Rite Aid
NFL Shop Macy’s
Sephora Radio Shack
Crazy8 PetSmart

Media and Entertainment

Prime Video Hulu
Netflix HBO Max
Disney Plus Pinterest
Spotify Apple iTunes
Kindle Unlimited Audible
Kobo Sling TV
Pandora Radio Sony Crackle

Domain names, websites, blogs, and Intellectual Property

WordPress Blogger
Videos created by you Digital Art created by you
Digital Music created by you Trademarks
Copyrights Patents

Online Banking and Payment services, Cryptocurrency

NetBanking Apple Pay
Google Pay PayPal
Amazon Pay Stripe

Cloud Storage

Google Drive One Drive
iDrive NordLocker
pCloud Backblaze
IceDrive DropBox

Allow access to your Digital Assets

Account Name of the person
Facebook Legacy Contact ___________________________
Instagram Legacy Contact ___________________________
Google Trusted Contact ___________________________
Facebook ___________________________
LinkedIn Legacy Contact ___________________________
Cloud Storage ___________________________
Email Accounts ___________________________
Other Social Media Accounts ___________________________
Domain names, websites and blogs ___________________________

Instead of choosing a specific individual for each of your Digital Asset, you can choose a Digital Executor to handle all your online accounts.

Name of the Digital Executor

Once you fill this form, make a copy of it and discuss the transfer process with your Attorney.

Clocr provides an easy way to create a Digital Estate Plan for your Digital Assets. Sign up with Clocr today and get all the help you need in creating your Digital Estate Plan.