5 Brilliant Ways to Ensure your Loved Ones’ Peace of Mind

5 ways to ensure your loved ones' peace of mind

Each year, the International Day of Peace – also known as World Peace Day – is observed on 21st of September. International Day of Peace is all about celebrating the global solidarity for building a peaceful and sustainable world. 

But what about our loved one’s peace of mind?

You might know how hard it is to sort out an Estate if someone dies intestate i.e. an individual dies without having made a Will. Their family members cannot grieve when there is an Estate to sort or accounts to be closed. There also comes a question of ‘who receives what percentage of the Estate?’ To avoid these problems, it is always recommended to create an Estate Plan. By creating an Estate Plan, you can make sure your last wishes are fulfil

You now know why it is important to have an Estate Plan for your tangible assets. You might be in the process of creating an Estate Plan or already have one in place. But what about your Digital Estate? Do you have a plan for your Digital Estate?

In the modern world, creating an Estate Plan for Digital Assets – also known as Digital Estate Plan – has become a necessity. A part of our everyday lives involves using some form of Digital Property, be it our smartphones, laptops, social media sites, emails or online banking. 

What happens to these Digital Assets (or Digital Property) when we pass away? Some of our Digital Properties such as photos and videos hold sentimental value. Don’t you want your loved ones to cherish your digital memories forever? Don’t you want them to safeguard your photos and videos after you’re gone?

This is where creating a Digital Estate Plan comes into picture. By creating a Digital Estate Plan for your Digital Assets, you can ensure your loved ones will cherish your digital life and memories forever. 

5 brilliant ways to ensure your loved one’s peace of mind this International Day of Peace

Create an Estate Plan for your tangible assets

When you have all your important documents in place and have made a plan as to which of your family members must receive your Estate, you can ensure your final wishes will be fulfilled. Creating an Estate Plan also involves getting your Will and other important Estate documents authorized by an attorney in writing. This means your last wishes are ‘legally valid.’

Create a Digital Estate Plan for your intangible assets

Your Digital Assets are as important as your tangible assets. By creating a Digital Estate Plan, you can ensure your Digital Assets are safe from online fraud and identity thefts – even after your demise.

When it comes to Digital Estate Planning, choose the best solutions provider. Clocr not only guarantees the safety of your Digital Estate Plan (we safeguard your sensitive and important documents via our patent-pending security feature) but also guides you in creating your very own Digital Estate Plan.

Invest in a Digital Vault to secure your important digital documents

You can ensure the safety of your sensitive information such as passwords, professional course certificates and important documents when you invest in a Digital Vault. Unlike traditional lock-and-key vaults, a Digital Vault uses high-standard encryption algorithms and other security features to make sure your digital data is safe from hackers and online fraudsters.

When it comes to Digital Vaults, always choose the most reliable and best in the industry. Our proprietary and patent-pending security features ensure your digital data is highly secure. Invest in Clocr’s Digital Vault today and let us safeguard your important digital documents for you.

Leave your Digital Legacy via a Digital Time Capsule

You might not be new to the concept of a traditional time capsule. But have you heard of a Digital Time Capsule? A Digital Time Capsule is similar to a physical time capsule albeit one difference – it stores your digital artifacts instead of the tangible and physical ones.

In the modern ‘digital’ world, we are bound to have at least one digital legacy. This can be in the form of photos and videos which hold sentimental values, or digital art, websites, domains and intellectual property which holds financial value.

Using a Digital Time Capsule, you can not only store your memorable events ‘digitally’ (photos and videos) but you can also record video messages for your loved ones and write notes for your future generations.

Use an ICE (in-case-of-emergency) Vault

The ongoing pandemic has made us aware of uncertainties in life. We never know what the future holds for us but we can be prepared for it.

An ICE vault holds all your emergency contact details and documents in one place. As the phrase suggests, ‘in case of emergency’, your ICE vault can be activated by your beneficiary.

Clocr’s ICE Vault allows you to efficiently organize your emergency contacts, necessary medical documents and important legal documents such as Digital Estate Plan and Online Will.
Clocr also allows you to create a downloadable Emergency Wallet Card. Invest in Clocr’s ICE Vault today and make your ICE Wallet Card today!

Create a Digital Estate Plan and invest in a Digital Vault and In-Case-of-Emergency Vault and safeguard your Digital Life forever.