5 Reasons to protect your Digital Assets

Digital Assets

All your online accounts and digital assets not only have monetary value, but also immeasurable emotional value. Your online banking, cryptocurrency, digital payment accounts etc. may have  financial value.  On the other hand, your photographs, videos and other records have sentimental value not only to you but perhaps your family and friends as well. Apart from this, there are subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Spotify, etc. that hold both financial and personal value to you. 

When put together, all these assets form your digital estate. There are multiple reasons why they need to be protected and kept safe for you to pass on as your digital legacy. Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons that might just convince you:

Protection from cybercrime. Having unprotected online accounts are easy targets for hackers to steal identities, extort money, sell corporate data, etc. Taking precautions to protect your online accounts can go a long way in keeping your digital identity safe and sound. 

Prevent leak of personal information. Unprotected online accounts can make it easy to access your personally identifiable information (PII), including your addresses, contact numbers, personal IDs, etc. It is sometimes possible for even the biggest companies to be affected by this. 

Prevent leak of financial information. A research showed that the average annual cost to the global economy because of cybercrime stood at $445 billion. Without proper security, hackers can see your account numbers, PINs, etc. Despite using accounts with encryption, it is recommended that you take additional steps to protect your data.  

Avoid third-party data breach. It is now legal for most companies to sell personal and behavioral data to other companies for advertising, credit risk assessment, etc. In fact, there are ‘data broker’ organizations that specialize in collecting, managing and selling this data. This can, to a certain extent, be avoided when you take special precautions to secure your online accounts. 

Fulfill your future goals. Whether you plan on applying for jobs, universities, insurances, loans, etc., there is bound to be a background check. By protecting your online accounts, you can ensure that your online data doesn’t impact your future in any way.

Clocr® is a digital estate planning platform that offers a hacker-deterrent cloud locker and estate disbursement features, all under one roof. You can store, share and selectively disburse your digital assets to your beneficiaries. Clocr’s differentiator is a proprietary, multi-layered security protocol that shreds the encrypted files and stores these pieces on multiple cloud locations to keep your data extremely secure.