How To Delete An Etsy Account When Someone Dies?

How to delete an Etsy Account

When someone you love dies, the world feels like it’s ending. Then, there are so many things to think about: funeral arrangements, inheritance, estate planning, and many other issues when you experience something tragic. And this is just the beginning. You will also need to remove their digital footprint. You could remove any accounts they had on various websites, including their Etsy account.

Now the question may arise of how to delete Etsy account on app. Or how long does it take to delete Etsy account? Deleting an Etsy account when a family member dies is not as simple as you might expect. You cannot simply log into the account and delete it; there are restrictions to protect the privacy of those who use the site. You must send a request with proof of death to delete an Etsy username when someone dies. If you’re thinking, why can’t I close my Etsy account, and it’s becoming tough for you? Read on for more information.

All about Etsy account

Etsy Inc. is an e-commerce company focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. The website was launched in 2005 and has become one of the top online marketplaces for handmade goods. It’s an excellent place for artists and people looking to sell their work or buy unique items. Etsy sellers can create online storefronts where they sell handmade or vintage items. You can also sell digital downloads such as ebooks, designs, or photos.

How To Close Your Etsy Account

Closing an Etsy account can be simply done from your Etsy account settings. Here are the steps to close Etsy shop temporarily:

1. Log in to the account through Etsy’s official website.

2. Now, go to “Your Account” and click “Settings.”

3. Scroll down your Etsy account settings and select the “Close Your Account” option

4. Now click the “Close Account” button, and your account will get deleted.

You must make your account deletion request while logging into the Etsy account you want to delete and close. If you have any open issues, such as unpaid refunds/payments, unfulfilled orders, or open cases, the deletion process will begin once they are closed and taken care of.

Etsy may need to keep certain information for legal, regulatory, tax, security, or compliance reasons after deleting it after a certain period, depending on which services you use (including whether you purchased or sold on Etsy). 

Now, you may wonder if I can delete my Etsy shop and start over. Well, no. This deletion is permanent, and you will not be able to reactivate the account again.

How To Permanently Delete Your Etsy Account And Data

The Etsy website has procedures to protect artists who sell their work on the platform. When you close your account, Etsy will remove your username and sales and reviews from the site. People will only get to view your shop’s public page.

If you want to permanently delete Etsy account and all of your data from the site, you must send in a request with proof of death. You can mail this request to Etsy. When you send the email, you need to include the following information:

  • Your full name.
  • The email address associated with your account.
  • The username of your account.
  • The reason you’re closing your account.
  • Proof of death.

Follow the steps below for detailed information.

 Step 1- Request A Deletion Date

Once you’ve sent in the email and provided the required information, Etsy will review your request. You will receive a response with a deletion date. You have 30 days after receiving the response to close your account. If you don’t close the account within 30 days, you will have to send in a new request. 

People often ask about how to reset Etsy account, or does Etsy delete inactive accounts? Well, Etsy does not delete inactive accounts permanently unless you request it. Once done, you won’t be able to reset your account after it gets deactivated permanently. 


Step 2- Mail-In A Death Certificate

If you want to delete your account with death proof, you must send a death certificate. You can send the death certificate using any form of physical mail. It would help if you also ensure that the death certificate is clear and legible.

The certificate must include the name, date of death, and the relationship between you and the deceased. You must send in the death certificate before the expiration date. Otherwise, the death certificate will expire, and you will need to send in a new one.


Step 3- Wait And Receive Confirmation

Once you’ve sent in the request with the death certificate, you need to wait and receive confirmation from Etsy. You can obtain confirmation after a few days. For instance, if the person dies in June and you send in the request in July, you will not receive confirmation until August.

What to Do Before Closing Etsy Shop?

Before you close Etsy account, you must ensure that all your customers are happy. You will have to follow up on any pending orders, ship them out, and respond to customer service inquiries within a reasonable time. It’s essential to leave your customers with a good impression. You don’t want to leave any customer service issues unresolved. 

You must also ensure that your Etsy shop complies with the website’s policies. It includes ensuring everything you have displayed in your shop meets Etsy’s standards. You also need to ensure that your shop title and description are compliant. You also must ensure that your shop name is not available on the website. It’s better not to leave anything unresolved when you close Etsy account.

Why Should You Close Your Etsy Shop?

Someone else may be already selling the deceased’s items on Etsy. If you are the only person selling the deceased’s items, you can remove them from the shop and even close Etsy shop temporarily. The same goes for someone else selling the items and has been using your shop name. It is also possible that the deceased’s payment information is compromised if the account is still active on Etsy. You should close your Etsy shop immediately after learning of this tragedy so that any other users do not have access to your funds.

If hackers compromise your deceased member’s account, they may be able to access and sell your items. They might also delete them or change their accounts’ passwords, making it difficult for you to retrieve any of those items. If this happens, contact Etsy immediately so that they can help resolve any issues with fraudulent activity on the part of thieves.

Notes on canceling your Etsy account

  • When you cancel Etsy subscription, there are two kinds of Etsy accounts, i.e., Shop and Buyer. If the account is associated with a shop, that must be closed too.

  • If the account is logged in via Facebook or Google, you must de-link it first.

What Happens When You Close Your Etsy Account?

After you’ve sent in the account deletion request with the death certificate, Etsy will close your account. The website will also remove all of your photos, listings, and reviews. If you have a linked website, Etsy would also remove the link. Etsy will send an email to your linked email address with instructions on how to delete the account permanently.

Once you’ve received the confirmation mail, your Etsy account will be deleted forever. You won’t have any way to log back into the account.


Now you know how to close Etsy shop temporarily and permanently delete Etsy account. But, if you don’t have the login credentials of the account holder, you may face certain complications while closing the account. And that’s the reason why it’s essential to create a Digital Estate plan. It allows you to leave behind any information that your family members may require to access your Digital Assets after your death.

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