How To Delete The Wikipedia Account Of A Deceased Person

How To Delete a WikiPedia Account

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free-to-use online encyclopedia that is grown and maintained by its community.

So you know what Wikipedia is, but how do you delete a Wikipedia account? Rather than just deleting your account, you’ll have to individually delete your contributions and user data by notifying the Wikipedia administrators

How To Delete A Wikipedia Account:

  • Sign In to Wikipedia
  • Go to your user page
  • Insert ‘{{db-u1}}’ to the top of each user page. This will serve as a request to the admins to delete the pages.
  • Send a rename request via an email to the bureaucrats and ask them to rename your Wikipedia account, citing ‘request for courtesy vanishing’ as the reason.

Things To Note

  • Your account cannot be completely deleted as Wikipedia does not allow for it due to restrictions on the MediaWiki software.

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