How To Delete The Postcrossing Account Of A Deceased Person?

Delete The Postcrossing Account Of A Deceased Person

Nowadays, writing postcards is considered a popular aesthetic among the younger generation, but it serves more of that purpose. One can also consider postcards a hobby to some, also known as deltiologists. Deltiology, in simple words, is best described as the art of studying and collecting postcards.

With the worldwide popularity of deltiology gained over the past years, not many know how does Postcrossing work and is postcrossing safe as a hobby. Certain websites help the process run smoothly; Postcrossing is one among them, prevalent in providing the service of sending postcards to random people in any part of the world.

The best way to store the postcards in an organized manner is by creating a photo album(this will safeguard the quality)with separate categories for them and forming them to distinguish into a variety.

All you need to know about Postcrossing account

So, how does Postcrossing work? Since we know that Postcrossing stands for sending postcards to a random person on this planet, let’s dive into how we can make our Postcrossing account.

Guidance on how to form a Postcrossing account:

  • Make a postcard

    With the heading being self-explanatory- a postcard ID is given to you of a random person to whom it will deliver the made postcard at that address.

  • Post it at your post office

    While many people may find this an outdated or alien concept, this is how messaging used to work in the olden times, and to get your postcard to their address is the only way.

  • You receive your postcard surprise

    As you send a postcard to a random person worldwide, you shall receive one as promised.

  • Register the postcard

    Now for the last step, all you have to do is register the postcard using the Postcard ID assigned to you. With that, you have a Postcrossing account ready to use to send postcards all around the world.

Why is it Better to Delete Your Postcrossing Account?

It knows how does Postcrossing works, which raises the question- is Postcrossing safe? It still does not take away the fact that some drawbacks come along with using your Postcrossing account.

Delivering your postcards is quite expensive, and this is why people would not use their Postcrossing account- hence want it deleted. With the creative process aside, adding another expensive hobby does not seem intelligent when people want to decrease monthly expenses, with many more aspects to look after.

It can be time-consuming for those who invest their art side into it. Opting to delete your Postcrossing account seems a better option for people with busy schedules to relax their busy lives.

The other issue everyone faces is a privacy concern. The process consists of giving your address out to the world, which can lead to anybody coming in to check your place out since this sounds like a breach of privacy in itself- knowing how to delete your Postcrossing account can be helpful.

Since the concept of it is on a creative basis, it’s no shocker that kids would want to be a part of it. Kids want to delete their Postcrossing account due to the cost barrier and strict parents.

Another reason to know how to delete your Postcrossing account is when someone close to you has passed away and has been a Postcrossing account holder to your knowledge. So, how to delete a Postcrossing account when someone dies can be tough to navigate without knowing the process of it.

Instructions for deleting a Postcrossing account

To delete your Postcrossing account and how to delete a Postcrossing account when someone dies, both become essential at times. Regardless, both methods are listed below for your preference.

How to delete your Postcrossing account?

  • Login with your details.
  • Go to the Terminate Account Page.
  • Select the terminate my account option.

How to delete a Postcrossing account when someone dies?

  • Choose the Settings option. You will find it in the top right section of the page.  
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find a question, “Want to terminate your account? You can do that here”. Select this option.
  • Choose why you are leaving and click the option “Are you sure?”. Select it, followed by the “Terminate my account” option.  

Alternatives of Postcrossing

But is Postcrossing safe? With your Postcrossing account deleted, if one still wants to send postcards, there are other ways to make it happen.

Many websites offer postcard services just like Postcrossing but with different agendas. To make it easier for deltiologists and anyone just starting on postcard collecting to make a hobby, here are some alternatives to serve as a substitute for this purpose.

The alternatives to using Postcrossing:

  • Postcard Happiness 
  • Great Postcard Exchange and

These are only some alternatives one can choose or find besides Postcrossing. There are many sites available online to use for postcard service purposes; ensure you do not fall for a fraudulent site. 


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