5 Strategies For Accepting Your Mortality

Strategies for Accepting your Mortality

We all know that nothing is permanent on this planet. We all have to die one day and we cannot deny this fact. It is always a nice decision to understand this fact as early as possible in our lives. Accepting your mortality at an early stage of your life is always the right decision.

It makes you more specific with your actions and you plan everything before doing it. Having this perception in mind can get your job done easily. Once you accept mortality, life becomes easier for you as you start classifying things and giving your time to them. 

However, accepting mortality is not that easy. We want to enjoy every day of our life to the fullest. To accept the fact that mortality is for real you need to change your perception. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 strategies for accepting your mortality. So let us start with the strategies.

Strategies for Accepting your Mortality:

  1. Do your Paperwork: Before you die make sure that all your paperwork including your life and money will be updated as per your wishes. After your death, your dependents must not face any difficulty while transitioning your property or money in their name. Also, your life will contain your choice of death and what you want to be happening in a certain situation. 
  2. Use your Senses to Get Comfortable with Mortality: You prepare your will for your family to secure their future. But what do you do for yourself for accepting your mortality? The only best thing which you can do for yourself is to live a spiritual life. Spirituality makes everything perfect. Only spirituality can help you to accept the fact that you are going to die. 
  3. Have Discussions about Death: Talking about death with someone is considered taboo for many. It is our societal practice that has made these discussions weird. However, this is the right time for all of us to have these kinds of discussions. Only discussions can solve the problems and death is not a problem, but a reality. We must have discussions about death at some point in our lives. 
  4. Consider having a Good Death: What is a good death and what is a bad death? Well, there is no specific answer to this question. But we must have a vision of good death as per our perception. What could be a good death as per your vision? It may be that you want to die at a specific place or you want to die at home. You need to have clarity regarding the way you want to die. Make this vision clear right now to have a peaceful death.
  5. Make a Plan to Go Out in Style: How do you want to die? Which is your favorite song or food? To whom do you want to die? Well, these questions are important and need to be addressed adequately. We make different choices every day. Our likes and dislikes depend upon the choices we make in our life. It is very important to choose wisely because when we will die, we’ll have those choices with us. Also, your life will include all those things which you want besides your dead body. These things must be as per your choices.

These strategies can make your perception clear about your life and help you with accepting your mortality. In this uncertain world, our life is also very uncertain. We need to make these choices at an early stage of our life. 


No one can be perfect in their life. But we all must have a vision regarding every important thing in our lives. Accepting your mortality and working towards making it perfect is one such vision. 

The 5 strategies discussed above can help you to accept the fact that we all are going to die one day. Follow these steps to get clarity about life as early as possible.