9 Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One After They Die

Creative Ways To Honor a Loved One After They Die

Losing a loved one has never been easy for anyone. But a person never leaves your life even after death. An integral of the deceased person always lives inside the closely associated people. But what can we do to honor a deceased person?

There are multiple ways to honor a loved one. But when the responsibilities show up, we get confused.

The ideas or ways to honor someone must be around the likes of the loved one. Doing things as per the likes and dislikes of the loved ones is an honor to them, in a true sense. 

We must not run out of ideas to depict our love and affection for our loved ones. Here, we have made a list of ideas that anyone can use to honor a loved one post their demise.

So let us see those unique and beautiful ideas to remember the deceased.

  1. Create a Memorial: A memorial can be in any form. It can be a small plaque at a beach or a place in a garden adorned with the deceased’s favorite flowers.

    Creating a memorial in remembrance of the deceased is a true reflection of love and sympathy.

  2. Confront with the Likes of the Deceased: Everybody has likes and dislikes. People love to do the things which they feel passionate about. After the demise of a loved one, follow the passion of the deceased. With this, they will be alive inside you.

    Whenever you perform their favorite activity, you will remember the departed soul.

  3. Take a Trip to a Place that was Special to Them: Visiting a special place to our loved ones can cherish their memories in your mind.

    This point is that maybe traveling was on the priority list of your loved ones. So you can travel to their favorite destination if you want to honor your loved one.

  4. Watch Out their Favourite Movie: Watch a movie your loved one liked. Alternatively, you can organize a movie night for your family and friends in the deceased person’s memory.

    It is an excellent way to reflect your respect for the departed soul.

  5. Visit their Friends and Family Members: We always want to know more about the person we love. It will be very refreshing for you to learn more about your loved one who is no more.

    Visiting friends and family members of the loved one will help you to know some unknown facts about them. It may enhance your respect for the deceased person.

  6. Make a Donation: If your loved one supported a cause, then you should donate to that cause. This will keep the thought of your loved one alive. Also, the things which were cared for by your loved one will keep receiving funding.

    If your finances don’t permit you to donate money, give your time to that cause. This will ensure that the cause will remain alive.

  7. Complete their Unfinished Stuff: It can be a project or anything close to the deceased person. Completing their projects will be equal to achieving their dream.

    This is the best way to memorialize a loved one. To honor your loved one, complete their incomplete projects or responsibilities.

  8. Raise Funds for a Cause Supported by them: Usually, people support a cause and give their whole life to that particular cause. The awareness of that cause must not stop.

    In memory of your loved one, raise some money and use that money for that cause. It will keep the development in the process.

  9. Host a Dinner Party for them: Host a dinner party for your loved one. Cook their favorite food. It is the best way to honor a loved one. While you may have to make efforts for this, the results would be worthy.

    This is one most appropriate way to show your gratitude towards the departed soul.


Losing someone is very painful. When we lose someone very close to our hearts, we feel miserable. The world around us stops, and it feels like nothing will be right in the future.

But that’s not the case if you change your perception a bit. Make yourself as your loved one wants you to be. Live their dreams and your life in their way. This might help you to change your perception.

The above-listed Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One is the best ways to remember your loved ones. The sorrow must not reach your mind. Try to memorialize the deceased person by following their passion or something close to their heart. 

Give an authentic tribute to the departed soul with kind conduct. 

May the soul rest in paradise.