21 Eulogy Examples: How to Write a Eulogy for a Loved One?

short eulogy examples to write for someone

Eulogizing your loved ones at a funeral comes with a responsibility. It’s like a challenge to express your feelings about your loved one in a very short time. We have endless memories with a person and summarizing them in one speech is difficult. In this blog post, we will discuss short eulogy examples that can help you prepare your funeral speech.

What is Eulogy?

A eulogy speech refers to sharing memories with an impetus to paying tribute to the loved one. This speech is given by a family member or a close friend at the funeral services. 

A eulogy speech is considered good when the deceased person’s impact on the family and society is reflected in the speech. You can share some unknown facts about the dead person through this speech, inspiring others to be good. It would help if you discussed the positivity and changes they’ve created. 

This is the best way to give tribute to your loved ones. A eulogy can be part of your healing. It helps you to overcome emotional loss. It is the best way to depict special details about them.  

Let us look at some examples of how to initiate a eulogy speech. Different speeches start with various paces. So let us explore different examples for different speeches.

Eulogy Examples

  1. For a FriendThank you all for coming here to celebrate my friends’ life and share our sorrow at their demise. My friend used to call me (your nickname), and I would like to share our memories.
  2. Eulogy for Sister: Today is the saddest day of my life. I had never imagined that this day would come. Thank you, everyone, for coming here to share the grief I hold inside me.
  3. For MotherMy mother was born in (year of birth). She lived her life in (name of the city). Thank you, everyone, for showing up to celebrate my mother’s life.
  4. Tribute to a TeacherMy teacher and mentor is the reason for the position I am in today. It would have been impossible without (the teacher’s name). Thank You.

Eulogy examples for Brothers:

  • 5. Thank you, everyone, for joining in here. My brother was my life. God took him away too early. I miss my times with him. Words are not enough to express my pain.
  •  6. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for coming here on behalf of my family. This day is the most sorrowful day of my life. I want to share some happy memories of my brother with you all.
  •  7. Thank you, everyone, for coming here to celebrate my brother’s life. This is a sad day. But I want to celebrate it in my beloved brother’s style.

Eulogy examples for Father:

  • 8. This day will be remembered as the most painful day of my life. I am addressing you all with a heavy heart.
  •  9. My father has a special place in my life. He is an inspiration for me. I’ll always miss him. I thank everyone who has come here on this challenging day of mine.
  • 10. I learned a lot from my father, yet some life lessons are left. You will always be remembered as a source of inspiration for me.
  • 11. No one can replace my father. He is the inspiration for many. Thank you, everyone, for coming here to share my pain.

Tribute for Grandfather:

  • 12. My childhood was special because of my grandfather. I’ll always miss him. Thank you, everyone, for sharing our grief.
  •  13. My grandfather had a special place in my family. His place will always remain empty in our family.
  •  14. Our life will be incomplete without my grandfather. He was a guardian to us. Thank you, everyone, for coming here. 

Short Eulogy Examples for Everyone:

  • 15. (Name of the deceased) had a special place in our hearts. They will always be missed.
  •  16. We know that hour of death cannot be forecasted. I hope this pain does not last for long—my deepest condolences to the deceased’s family.
  •  17. A mother’s love is the deepest form of love. Nothing else can match that love. I’ll always miss you, mom.
  • 18. Eulogy for a coworker: They were a mirror for me. Our time at the workplace is the most precious memory. Their place cannot be filled by anyone else.
  • 19. Tribute to the Best Friend: Yesterday, I lost one of my main people. Their memory is the only thing left with me. This loss is beyond excuses.
  • 20. On (date and time of death), I lost my father-in-law. He was close to me, and we shared a bond. We used to respect each other. I’ll spend the rest of my life with his memory.
  • 21. I am (name of the deceased)’s, mother. I will do the most challenging job of my life, speaking at my son’s funeral. The sorrow will last till the end of my life.


Speaking at the funeral of a loved one is the most difficult task for anyone. Short Eulogy examples listed above can help you out in a difficult situation.

It is very strenuous to initiate such speeches. The above examples will help you to start the speech at a funeral.